My Hero Academia: Tomura Shigaraki and the problems of his final stretch

the final battle of My Hero Academia has exploded The heroes are now on the tightrope against the villains and the time has come to see what dough the characters that make up the fiction of Kohei Horikoshiwho has suffered quite direct criticism of the paths his work is taking, which doesn’t really surprise us either because My Hero Academia is finishing by leaps and bounds. We have already repeated it on several occasions, but it is too worrying to let it go.

However, although the main plot stops at nothing, sometimes the arcs of the characters occupy a generous thickness in certain chapters, focused on decision-making or reactions that, to be honest, are not too relevant either. It is the case of Tomura Shigaraki and the events that have taken place in chapter 346 of the manga. Shigaraki is one of the most prominent enemies at the moment, not to say directly that we are facing the most dangerous antagonist of the show and on whom a great weight of the show falls.

Much ado About Nothing

It makes sense, therefore, that footage be devoted to exploring how he is experiencing these last few bars. However, what has been done in this episode has completely broken our schemes. It seems that the character is more vulnerable than many of us thought and Aizawa’s plan is going correctly (with the copy of the gift), but Shigaraki is now focusing almost entirely on Eraserhead and that makes the heroes can take advantage of it. Wasn’t Shigaraki a deadly character of necessity?

Seeing that an enemy of this stature falls for what at first seemed like a somewhat absurd plan shows that they are not taking care of the details in My Hero Academia and that the resolution of some arcs begins to be somewhat ridiculous. All For One should take a somewhat more active role in all of this.and the “cliffhanger” that has been left does not convince us at all, being one more example of the neglect of fiction and the exhaustion that history is experiencing.