My Hero Academia uncovers details of Aoyama’s tough childhood

Spoiler alert. If you have not read chapter 337 of the manga My Hero Academia, you probably do not want to know the details that await us about Aoyama Yuga

In Chapter 335 of My Hero Academia One of the most memorable moments of the series was experienced when discovering the face of the traitor who was hiding among the students of U.A. Academy. And with this, he gave an important twist to one of the most prominent theories among fans: in the final scene everything indicated that it is about Toru Hagakure “Invisible Girl”. And, in fact, there were arguments that gave an explanation that seemed to be the correct one. However, the true undercover villain was always Aoyama Yuga.

My Hero Academia reveals what’s behind Aoyama Yuga in My Hero Academia

Although it might be some time before this scene hits the anime series, fans are still freaking out about this event. As a result of such revelation, in the last chapters of the manga, some details have been discovered about his dark childhood and the problems that his desire to become a hero brought him with his parents. According to Chapter 336, Toru Hagakure could find out that Aoyama Yuga I was helping the League of Villains. Behind the betrayal, was the request that his parents made him to follow the orders of All For One and the League of Villains, as long as they didn’t get hurt. But this is not all, the parents of Aoyama had an agreement with the villain after he threatened to kill them if Aoyama He did not carry out his wishes to the letter. Therefore, the fate of this antagonist was to become a terrible villain.

In retrospect, Aoyama Yuga was born without a Quirk and the only way he could fulfill his mission was to ask his leader to grant it to him. Like Midoriya He did not receive this gift, but unlike him, when he finally received it, it did not work on his body, causing him pain every time he discharged a laser beam. This fact significantly marked his relationship with his parents, since it was thus Aoyama was forced to perform tasks for the League of Villains, how to indicate when Deku was he alone or what was the location of the training ground of the Class 1-A, from the beginning of My Hero Academia.

On the other hand, knowing to a great extent what was happening with Aoyama, Toru Hagakure came with Izuku Miyoriya to reveal all this information to him and thus prevent things from getting worse. But when facing Aoyama, he had no choice but to reveal to them all the plans he had to assassinate them and that, of course, he had not chosen that path by his own hand.

With the statement you made Horikoshi at Jump Festa this year, we realize that a My Hero Academia He only has about a year of history left before it ends, so the mangaka is recounting all the details surrounding the battle between All For One and the heroes of the world. There are many events that can occur after this incredible revelation.

What will happen to Aoyama now that we know about his tragic childhood?

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