My Hero Academia Volume 34 cover shows a new side of war

The manga from My Hero Academia is giving us one of the most brutal battles in the series to date, as the heir to All For One, Shigaraki Tomura, take all the strength of the United States of America and the country’s number one hero, Star And Stripe.

With the American hero having a Quirk called New Order And that he is almost invincible, Shigaraki is trying to defeat his opponent while also stealing the power for himself.

And now, a fan has revealed a new cover concept for the manga that gives us a fresh look at AFO’s titanic fight Shigaraki vs Star and Stripe in volume 34 of the manga. We remind you that you can read the new chapters of Boku no Hero Academia in the MANGA Plus app from Shueisha publishing house.

Portal of My Hero Academia Tomo 34

Photo: Twitter Atsushi 101X – Possible cover of My Hero Academia Volume 34

Twitter user Atsushi 101X shared the concept art for a “possible Boku no Hero Academia manga cover”, with Star And Stripe about their enemy, who could win this battle.

The War Arc, the story to be told in the sixth season of the anime adaptation that pits the heroes against the full force of the Paranormal Liberation Front, has already come to an end in the pages of the manga.

With the results of this fight changing the landscape of hero society for the worse, heroes at UA Academy and around the world have been trying to stop the advance of the villains led by All For One.

With All Might no longer being a factor on the battlefield, Star And Stripe has been inspired by the ancient Symbol of Peace, but it may not have what it takes to defeat the enormous power of Shigaraki. After all, not even Star and Stripe’s desperate final attack was able to beat the new All For One.

How much is left of Boku no Hero?

Kohei Horikoshi appears to be setting the stage for the final chapters of Boku no Hero Academia, although the mangaka has not revealed when he thinks the story of Deku and UA Academy could be drawing to a close.

From 2014 on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, the series has had an incredible streak over the years and certainly more than a few fans would like to see it continue for many more years to come. The Truth News reminds you that you can catch up with him My Hero Academy anime since Crunchyroll O Funimation.

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