My Hero Academia: We already know the traitor, but … What if there is more than one?

Attention! As always in this type of article you will find spoilers for My Hero Academia, so if you are not up to date with the anime and manga, you better stop reading right now.

The traitor of My Hero Academia it finally came to light. A character that few expected and that has left a large part of the spectators and followers of the series speechless. Although, as always, there were certain clues that were left as little breadcrumbs so that those who like to play detective could get used to the idea of ​​who could be the traitor between the lines of the heroes. Toru Hagakure had been the point of connection between the protagonists and All For One.

Now that we know the identity of this traitor, and one of the great mysteries of fiction is solved (or at least one that has kept viewers in suspense for quite some time), fans are beginning to ask new questions. after properly analyzing the Episode 335: What if there was more than one traitor and All For One has several paths to reach its final goal?

More options open

Whenever a door closes a window opens, or so they say. The new theory has been made from the use of the word “friend” that All For One has used in a conversation with Dabi. It refers to the fact that he has friends to spare and that therefore, although it is known that Hagakure is the traitor, It may be that there are others involved in the Academy. Obviously, there are still many mysteries to solve with this issue and it does not seem far from settled, and everything indicates that we will be a very good season exploring all the options and all the B-sides of the AFO plans. A little pause never hurts considering the giant steps that history is taking from Kōhei Horikoshi.