My Hero Academia: What can we expect from the closing of the sixth season?

Just this week fans got to see how the first half of the sixth season of My Hero Academiaand he left us with more questions than answers after the great moments he has shared.

Since, despite the fact that the series of anime is off to a good start, the heroes’ raid against shigaraki and his army failed in the worst way imaginable, that is why countless heroes and civilians have now died and to make matters worse, Shigaraki escaped the attack with his generals by his side. That is why now fans of the anime are curious about what is to come for the rest of the sixth season.

If you don’t keep up with the first half episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6, continue reading at your own risk…

The midseason finale left izuku injured along with his friends and allies, which is why now all of Japan just witnessed a game-changing loss, and our heroes will be dealing with it for some time.

The villains have their own wounds to heal, as Shigaraki’s body is not yet complete enough to handle all for one easily. So now, the wait is on to see which side can launch the next attack first.

As we know from him sleeveMy Hero Academia everything will only go from bad to worse as the sixth season progresses, where the heroes suffered devastating losses, while others like Aizawa Y bakugo they were seriously injured. It also looks like Shigaraki has a line about Izuku as the man is determined to take One For All.

So of course our hero will have no choice but to leave school behind and fight the villains. Given the pace of the anime in the sixth season, fans are hoping that the show will finish adapting the Tartarus Escapees arc. This part of the story contains a lot of drama, and Izuku is at the center of it all.