My Hero Academia: what era is the anime set in?

My Hero Academia may seem like a future where science advanced to give humans powers, but it may not be that far off in history, given certain circumstances.

My Hero Academia, futuristic

At first, one might think that My Hero Academia is set in the 22nd century, as we have already seen the presence of robots and gifts What Magic (Enma Kannagi) or Recovery (Chiyo Shuzenji). Let’s remember that within the series it is speculated that the gifts are the result of a virus or something similar that spread throughout the planet, like the Black Death. This virus could have been created artificially, hinting that the scientists who made it were more advanced than the current ones.

My Hero Academia, an alternate reality

However, it would not be absurd to believe that it is set in 2014, while many series with elements of fantasy and advanced science, such as Miraculous (remember the technology view in miraculous World: New York, Heroes UnitedHello franchise Marvel itself (remember Stark technology or wakandan) is always born from new sources of power that arise out of nowhere or from a phenomenon that has not occurred in the real world, being the justification that allows everything that follows to happen. The technology present in the series could be the result of the gifts, which have allowed improvements in this field thanks to the fact that they have been studied and its principles applied.

Also, let’s keep in mind pop culture references, like cell phones or online games like League of Legendsas well as the format of the video networks, similar to the current ones.

Confirmed data

Despite the fact that there have been all kinds of discrepancies on the subject, the mangaka in charge of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshihas not revealed that information, because at no time are they seen numeric data about the time in the manga or anime.