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Between the characters of My Hero Academia brought to life by sensei Kohei Horikoshi, Himiko Toga is without a doubt one of our favorites. Being an antagonist in this work this may seem a bit strange, but the truth is that her incredible design, her magnetic personality and her abilities as a superhuman have made us opt for her.

However, his complex Don has made more than one wonder how his ability works, and why below We will tell you how Toga can use his Transformation.

Transformation: the Gift many vampires desire

Unlike characters like Izuku Midoriya who were born without any kind of Gift, Himiko Toga He was born with an amazing ability that allows him to take on the physical appearance of his adversaries. As can be inferred, the Gift of Toga is listed as Transformation (a rather rare category in the Universe of Kohei Horikoshi). Gifts of Transformation allow their wearer to change their anatomy. The range is short, but its effectiveness can be enormous.

Nevertheless, activating this type of skill requires a much greater effort than, for example, Sender-type Gifts or even Mutants.

Himiko needs to steal the blood of her adversaries to activate her Gift | Image: Bones

To activate your ability, It is necessary for Himiko Toga to ingest the blood of her adversaries, and the more blood she has drunk, the longer her transformation will last. It is worth mentioning that with this Gift, if Toga has drunk the blood of different opponents, he can vary his transformations without major inconvenience, which during combat can confuse the opponents, thus undermining his defensive capacity.

Himiko Toga is one of the three characters in Horikoshi’s play, alongside Tegen and Tomura Shigaraki, who has managed to Awaken his Gift, which can be understood as an evolution of it. This occurred during her fight against Chitose Kizuki, allowing the villain, in addition to transforming into her enemies, to use her Gifts at will. However, to carry out this action Toga must know enough information about the powers he has stolen.

Toga is one of the few characters who has managed to awaken his Gift | Image: Bones

In order to steal the blood of her adversaries and thus activate her Gift, Himiko Toga has a suction machine. With this artifact, the villain can launch two retractable needles that adhere to the skin of her victims, functioning as if they were leeches. In this way, the blood is pumped through the machine allowing Toga to take it through her mask. For this reason, this antagonist is considered one of the most deadly and powerful characters in My Hero Academia.

And you, did you already know the way in which Himiko Toga’s Gift works?


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