My Hero Academia: What is One For All, what are its powers and carriers

The One For All is, without really being a character as such, one of the true protagonists of the universe of “My Hero Academia. This Gift is what gives power to our protagonist, Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya ‘, and also to the one who is his teacher (All Might) until a certain point in the story. Also, as the anime has progressed we have been able to discover all kinds of curiosities about it, which allows a server to create an article with all kinds of interesting details.

So, as I have pointed out in the title, what you will find next are ALL the details regarding powers and bearers of One For All that have been revealed to date. I already anticipate that it is possible that there are some spoilers regarding the manga, so be careful with this.

What is One For All and how does it work?

  • The One For All is a unique Gift in the sense that is transferable between different users, and not developed naturally by a single user.
  • To date, counting on Izuku Midoriya, there have been 9 different users who have counted on One For All.
  • The One For All originally developed from the All For Onebecause when the user of the latter transferred a power storage Gift to his little brother, who already had a transfer Giftit ended up giving shape to this complexity called One For All.
  • The One For All is, then, the hope of the little brother of All For One by find someone who can eventually defeat his big brother. Therefore, the Gift is transferred between different generations of heroes, which causes each new transfer to accumulate a new Gift from the previous bearer, thus making it constantly more powerful. However, it has been shown that transferring One For All to someone who already has a Quirk forces the latter’s lifespan to drop dramatically.
  • The One For All also has the peculiarity that, in addition to storing and transferring gifts, maintains the consciousnesses of previous wielderscreating a joint consciousness that can help the current carrier if required.

These are all the POWERS of One For All

gear shift

  • don what belongs to the second bearer of One For All.
  • This Gift allows its user alter the speed of anything you touch.
  • As examples of its use, the user can speed up the impact speed of your own blows either make your enemy lose control of its movements when suddenly accelerated.


  • don what belongs to the third carrier of One For All.
  • This Gift allows the user generate and store kinetic energy as it moves.
  • The user can then unleash this energy for sudden improvements in strength and speed.
fa jin

Hazard sensor

  • don what belongs to the fourth bearer of One For All.
  • This Gift allows the user detect any kind of imminent threat (a bit to the arachnid sense).
danger sense 29

Black Whip

  • Don belonging to the fifth bearer of One For All.
  • This Gift allows the user to create whips of a strange dark energy.
  • The user can use the whips in a variety of ways: as a tool for increase your mobility or to restrict enemy movementsamong other.
mha black whip feature


  • Don employed by the sixth bearer of One For All.
  • This Gift allows the user create dense smoke screens that are emitted from your own body.
  • The user can therefore generate distractions with this Gift or noticeably impair visibility of his enemy.


  • Don employed by the seventh carrier of One For All.
  • This Gift allows user to float at own will.
  • The main utility of the Gift is, logically, of noticeably increase mobility of the user.

All CARRIERS of One For All

Yoichi Shigaraki – First Wielder of the One For All

  • Yoichi Shigaraki was the All For One’s little brother and the first bearer of One For All.
  • The Gift originated in this as the combination of his Gift of transference and the Gift of power storage that All For One inserted into his body.
  • Despite being sickly and weak throughout his life, he strong sense of justice of Yoichi led him to transfer the One For All in the hope that the Quirk would cultivate enough in later generations to stop his brother’s atrocities (not before trying it himself, but failing in the process).
my hero academia yoichi first user
Yoichi Shigaraki, the first bearer (and creator) of the One For All

Second user of One For All

  • The second user of the One For All is one whose identity is completely unknown.
  • This second bearer was in charge of add the Gift ‘Gearshift’ to the skill set.
  • It was the leader of a resistance who tried to put an end to the atrocities carried out by All For One no matter the cost, although without succeeding.
  • Although initially disagreed with Deku being the ninth wielder of the One For All, he is eventually convinced, and even assists him in managing Gearshift, whose power has mutated and increased in an exaggerated way over the generations (to the point that it now has an incredible physical burden for the One For All). Username).
second user
The second bearer adds one of the most powerful Gifts that One For All houses

Third user of One For All

  • The third user of the One For All is one whose identity is also completely unknown.
  • This third user also was part of the same resistance group as the second user and, in the same way, he was not convinced at first that Deku was going to be the next bearer of One For All.
  • The third user was in charge of incorporate the gift Fa Jin to the skill set.
one for all third user
This user incorporated kinetic energy manipulation

Hikage Shinomori – Fourth bearer of the One For All

  • The fourth bearer from One For All is Hikage Shinomori, who knowing that he would be unable to beat All For One, he simply limited himself to cultivating the One For All until he passed away at the age of 40.
  • In All Might’s notes, it is revealed that this fourth wielder was the one that allowed to know the fact that it is preferable that the new bearers of the Gift do not have a previous GiftOtherwise, carrying One For All and his own Quirk will cause inevitable physical deterioration over time.
  • Until Toshinori (All Might) broke the record, Hikage had been the One For All wielder who had spent the longest time with the Gift: a total of 18 years.
hikage shinomori
Hikage Shinomori is one of the carriers that lasted the longest with the One For All inside

Daigoro Banjo – Fifth bearer of the One For All

  • The fifth bearer of the One For All was one known among the rest of the pro heroes as Lariat.
  • His character was described as ‘very funky‘, and was in charge of add the ‘Black Whip’ Gift to the set of skills.
  • All For One tried to steal Daigoro’s One For All directly, but failed in the attempt. However, it was during the battle against All For One himself that Daigoro transferred the Quirk to the next wielder by giving some of his blood.
daigoro banjo
Daigoro is surely one of the most important carriers that One For All has had.

En – Sixth bearer of the One For All

  • En was the sixth bearer and, in the same way as Daigoro, had to deal with All For One trying to take the Quirk from him by force. Luckily, the villain also ended up failing this time.
  • In was in charge of incorporate the Gift of the Smokescreen to the skill set.
  • It was in a battle against All For One that En decided that Nana Shimura would be the seventh bearer of the One For Alland the transfer process occurred by giving her some of her own hair to consume.
in my hero academia
The sixth carrier gave way to Nana Shimura to be the next generation

Nana Shimura – Seventh bearer of the One For All

  • Nana Shimura was the seventh holder of the Gift and a Recognized as a high-class superheroine. This is something that a personality like All Might has come to say, which speaks volumes in favor of his active time.
  • lullaby was in charge of introducing the Don ‘Float’ in the skill set.
  • Before his death at the hands of All For One, Nana decided that Toshinori would be the next bearer. of the One For all.
nana shimura
Nana Shimura was one of the greatest superheroines to carry the Quirk.

Toshinori Yagi – Eighth bearer of the One For All

  • The eighth bearer of the One For All and by far the the one who was using it the longest.
  • All Might became the first wielder of the Gift who did NOT previously have a Giftwhich helped him stay active for many years longer than previous wielders could (hence the decision to give the Gift to someone like Midoriya, who also didn’t have a Gift).
  • Although One For All is considered to be a difficult Gift to master, Gran Torino claims that Toshinori adapted with astonishing speed thanks to the fact that he had an extremely resistant physique.
  • All Might had great achievements throughout his career that led him to be considered the best superhero of all timemost notably being the only one of all the One For All wielders to have been capable of beating All For One in a direct confrontation.
  • Despite his greatness, the injuries suffered in the fights against All For One ended up forcing him to have to retire and, consequently, transfer the Gift to the next and present generation: Izuku Midoriya.
boku no hero academia all might cosplay
To date, the most brilliant bearer of the Gift

Izuku Midoriya – Ninth bearer of the One For All

  • Izuku Midoriya is the current bearer of the One For Allbeing the ninth since it was created.
  • Initially, Izuku was shown to have zero control over the Quirk’s power.which led him to constantly tear his body in all sorts of ways until he was warned that, at this rate, he would end up suffering completely irreversible injuries.
  • Most of My Hero Academia’s story closely follows how Midoriya progresses in his use of One For All.: from mastering the physical empowerment that it allows to slowly unlocking the Gifts of previous wielders and being able to use each and every one of them in conjunction.
My Hero One's Justice
Midoriya is on his way to becoming the most powerful user of the Gift.

This is all you need to know about One For All and the story it hides in “My Hero Academia”. Obviously, with the work still incomplete it is clear that we still have certain secrets to discover about the power of this Giftso it is most likely that in the future you will be able to see the updated article.