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Shoto Todoroki is one of the characters of My Hero Academia Most loved among fans of Kohei Horikoshi’s work due to his low-key, yet energetic personality. This young man is one of the most outstanding students of the UA Academy, and it is very likely that in the future he will become one of the greatest heroes of Musutafu thanks to his Gift: Half Cold, Half Hot, which We’ll show you how it works below.

It had to be Endeavor’s son!

Unlike characters like Deku who were born without any kind of Gift, Shoto Todoroki He was born with an amazing ability that allows him to manipulate fire and ice thanks to the genetic inheritance of his parents. Shoto’s Gift is classified as an emitter type (the most abundant category in this Universe), and thanks to arduous training this character has taken from a very young age, Half Cold, Half Hot has become one of the most powerful abilities among the students of the Academia U. A.

One of the most powerful students of the UA Academy | Image: Bones

With this Gift, Shoto Todoroki He is able to create ice with the left half of his body, and to create fire with the right half. Likewise, with both halves Shoto is able to lower or raise the temperature at will, a characteristic that he can use to his advantage to make his enemies burn, or make them have a very bad time by reducing the heat of the body of his opponents causing them a hypothermia.

The only drawback of Half Cold, Half Hot is that Shoto must maintain his own body temperature at all times, which is quite difficult. well with his Don it is almost impossible not to suffer from frostbite in any of his limbs, which immediately causes his movements to slow down, making him vulnerable to enemy attacks.

As stated by Stain, the hero slayer, Shoto’s problem is relying too much on the destructive power of his fire abilities. However, just as he has predicted Endeavor, Shoto’s father, Your child’s Gift has a lot of potential, and it can be strengthened with the right training.

A fairly balanced warrior | Image: Bones

Thanks to his abilities, this character has managed to defeat powerful opponents such as Eraserhead, Tenya Lida, Stein and even Deku himself, making Shoto Todoroki one of the most advanced students of the UA Academy and one of the most powerful young heroes of Musutafu. .

And you, did you already know the ability and function of the Gift of Shoto Todoroki?


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