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Out of all characters of My Hero Academia, we have not yet met a villain as vile and dangerous as Kai Chisaki, and although there are certainly other antagonists stronger than him (All For One, Tomura Shigaraki, to give just a couple of example), the psychopathy of the yakuza leader makes Overhaul quite a fearsome opponent. In large part this is due to his Gift, which is also called Overhaul and is monstrously destructive.

A Gift capable of assembling and disassembling everything in his power

As with most of the inhabitants of the Universe created by Kohei Horikoshi, Kai Chisaki is one of the lucky humans who was born with a special ability. With her, This villain is capable of deconstructing and constructing any object that his hand touches, be it inert material or a living being. This Gift is classified as an emitter type, since it allows the manipulation of matter, and has been developed by this character for years.

With his Gift, Overhaul is able to deconstruct and build any kind of matter | Image: Bones

In this sense, one of the most interesting aspects of the Gift of Overhaul the thing is this criminal is able to control the degree of destruction that he imposes, being able to destroy only the arm of an enemy, or the entire body of this if you prefer. Taking into account that this character has always been seen wearing white gloves which serve to prevent the use of his special ability, we can also infer that he has not managed to control it completely.

There are two other very interesting elements with the Gift of Overhaul. The first of these is that it can work in a healing way, rebuilding parts of its own body or that of its allies. The second is related to this function, because by being able to rebuild and build part of their own body, Kai Chisaki is capable of increasing his muscles in an amazing way, being able to become a giant if he so wishes.

Overhaul can also change his morph with his Gift | Image: Bones

Facing Deku, Overhaul prevailed as one of the most amazing villains in Boku no Hero, and had it not been for One For All’s exceptional abilities, for sure. Izuku Midoriya he would have succumbed to this yakuza leader. That is why we affirm that he is one of the most powerful villains in the entire series, as he is capable of taking down even the professional heroes of Musutafu.

And you, what do you think of the Gift of Overhaul?


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