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Among anime and manga fans, Uravity is one of the characters of My Hero Academia most loved due to its cute design and its not inconsiderable powers. This young lady is one of the most outstanding students in Class 1-A, and although she is not as powerful as some of her peers, her Gift could develop into a deadly heroine.

Meet Zero Gracivity!

Unlike characters like Blanket, Uravity was born with his Don, which from the beginning he tried to use to earn money as heroin and thus lift his parents out of poverty. Uraraka’s ability is of the emitter type (the Don type more abundant in Musutafu), and thanks to his constant involvement in the UA Academy, Zero Gravity has become a power to be feared by opponents.

This heroine can float everything she touches | Image: Bones

Thanks to this ability, Uravity can suspend the effect of gravity on objects (regardless of whether they are alive or inanimate) just by touching them with your fingertips. In areas covered with small objects (devastated buildings, stone quarries), Uraraka becomes a completely fearsome warrior as she can use them as projectiles that are slammed into her target.

Maybe the greatest weakness of this heroine’s Don is the weight limit she can bear: 3 tons, after which Uraraka begins to feel nauseous. However, thanks to her latest workouts, this heroine has managed to endure nausea for longer, and has even managed to float herself, although this last exercise leaves her completely exhausted (something that we have already seen in the images of My Hero Academia).

All matter can be turned into a projectile by Uravity | Image: Bones

The Gift of Uravity may pale before others such as All for One or One for All, however, with enough training it can be polished and surely become one of the most powerful in the entire series. Not for nothing is this character so loved by fans: still in My Hero Academia season 5! Ah, the little ones and their unquenchable competitive spirit, right?

And you, did you already know the way the Gift of Uravity works?


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