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Between the characters of My Hero Academia It is very common to see all kinds of super-powerful beings: heroes or villains with marvelous genetically transmitted abilities known as Gifts. In this sense, within the Universe of Kohei Horikoshi a hypothesis known as Theory of the Singularity of the Gift has been born, which tries to explain how through eugenics among gifted humans a being as powerful as a “God” could be generated.

Is it possible to perfect a Gift?

Take for example the case of Shoto Todoroki, who inherited the Gifts of his parents in a very particular way, because, on the one hand, thanks to his father’s genetics, he was born with fire abilities, being able to generate extremely powerful calorific attacks as well as an enormous resistance to high temperatures.

On the other hand, he also inherited the Gift from his mother, thus being able to create ice attacks and withstanding the lowest temperatures. A) Yes, Shoto was born with all the benefits of Women of their parents without acquiring their weaknesses.

The Todoroki family is the perfect example of what this theory tries to demonstrate | Image: Bones

Well, the Gift Singularity Theory proposes that, as in the case of Shoto Todoroki, The Gifts with which a human being is born could be perfected by carefully selecting their parents. This eugenic exercise could be extended in an extensive series of births, each one contemplating the best way to “evolve” the genetics of the Gift of a new individual.

However, this theory has quite a few detractors, because although it might be possible to perfect the genetics of a Gift through this procedure, it has been suggested that This method is inhumane as it does not consider the emotions or individual will that may exist between two individuals at the time of procreating a baby.

In what way should children be born in My Hero Academia? | Image: Bones

It is quite interesting how these types of reflections have been born from a shonen, that is to say, of a series without more pretensions than the pure and hard action mainly focused on young people. Of course, this editor is promulgated against this theory, because in my opinion it is more important for a child to be born into a loving family than to be the product of a forced relationship.

Deku He is the clearest example of the first: a little boy who was born without powers, but who, thanks to the love of his mother and his friends, has managed to overcome even the seemingly impossible barriers.

And you, do you believe in the Theory of the Singularity of the Gift?


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