My Hero Academia: What is the

Among all characters of My Hero Academia, Endeavor has a very special place for the simple reason that he has become Musutafu’s # 1 professional hero. He inherited this title from the legendary All Might, and with good reason, because thanks to his Don Enji Todoroki he has become one of the most powerful beings that exist in the Universe created by Kohei Horikoshi. If you still do not fully understand how this ability works, we will explain it to you below.

Burning like hell itself

Enji Todoroki is one of the many humans who were born with some kind of superhuman ability, which is known as Don. With her, Endeavor is capable of generating and manipulating fire either in the form of destructive attacks against his adversaries, or as a method of defense, taking cover with it.

With his Gift, Enji is able to manipulate fire | Image: Shueisha

The Gift of Endeavor is of the emitter type, the most common that exists in this Universe, and with the passage of time (and after several years of training) the hero of Musutafu has been able to control it. Nevertheless, Enji is unable to remain unaffected by his own ability, which can be detrimental to his motor activities. not being able to control their own body temperature.

Another quite interesting aspect of the Gift of Endeavor, is that thanks to him this character does not take any damage when attacked with fire, something that we have been able to notice in his fights against other characters who also have this type of ability, such as his son, Shoto Todoroki.

Throughout the years, Endeavor has perfected various combat techniques with his Gift, which he has combined with his physical abilities., like the Vanishing Fist, a powerful move with which he wraps his fist in incandescent flames that explode when he attacks his opponents in close combat. Another formidable technique is Hellfire Storm, a destructive attack with which this warrior can make absolutely everything around him burn.

Its power is extremely destructive | Image: Bones

Endeavor is one of the most monstrously powerful characters we have seen in My Hero Academia, and to date we have only witnessed one of his defeats when he fought Tomura Shigaraki, another beast in combat. For this reason we believe that it is completely fair that this vigilante holds the number 1 position among the heroes of Musutafu, because if there should be any heir to All Might, that’s this fiery character.

And you, did you already know the way in which the Gift of Endeavor works?


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