My Hero Academia: What is

We love the characters of My Hero Academia, be these heroes and villains, and fortunately for all fans we can not only enjoy their adventures in the series created by Kohei Horikoshi: we also have at our disposal Vigilante, a work that has served as spin-off from the manga and anime starring Izuku Midoriya. If you still do not know it, you are in the best of times, and so that you do not arrive blank, We tell you everything you need to know about this great series.

The prequel to My Hero Academia

Vigilante is a prequel manga to My Hero Academia, is written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and drawn by Betten Court, being published first in Shonen Jump GIGA from the year 2016, although only for a short time, because a short time later this work became serialized by Shueisha’s digital magazine Shonen Jump +.

The protagonist of this story is Koichi Haimawari | Image: Shueisha

This story stars Koichi Haimawari, a young adult admirer of All Might who is dedicated to protecting the city of Musutafu not as a professional hero, but as a vigilante, that is, as a possessor of Don who does not have any kind of license, carrying out his activities illegally.

This work is attractive in many ways, because in addition to extending the Universe created by Kohei Horikoshi, being a prequel to Boku no Hero, Vigilante has developed events that Horikoshi has only suggested in the main series, showing us the life of many superhumans before becoming heroes or villains.

This manga has a much darker and more mature tone than My Hero Academia, which is mainly due to the inspirations that Hideyuki Furuhashi has taken to produce his argument: Watchmen, from Alan Moore, and The Dark Knight Returns, by Frank Miller, both iconic works of the North American comic due to the rawness and realism of their stories. Also, other titles such as Spider-Man, Dragon Ball, it is included One Punch-Man They have served as references for the screenwriter when bringing his story to life.

The series is inspired by Alan Moore’s work, Watchmen | Image: Shueisha

The manga has been received quite positively, for which it has been officially translated and edited around the world. Currently Vigilante is still in the process of publication, with more than a hundred chapters to its credit and more than a dozen volumes to date, showing how rich the Universe of My Hero Academia by offering us a superhero story from a point of view quite different from that presented with the protagonist of the main series, Izuku Midoriya.

And you, did you already know Vigilante, the official prequel to My Hero Academia?


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