My Hero Academia: When does chapter 360 of the manga premiere?

The manga series My Hero Academia is in one of the biggest battles so far and all the heroes have come together to put an end to the plans of the villains, especially Shigaraki and All For One, but the young students could be between life and death in the following events.

Chapter 359 made it clear that the one who is determined to end the greatest villain in history is bakugowhose special attack did not even manage to scratch him, but will continue with the promise of buying time trying to weaken him until his best friend Deku arrives.

many followers of My Hero Academia They will want to be aware of each chapter, but the arrival of chapter 360 is getting closer and here we tell you when and even where you can read it.

Source: Shueisha

When and where to read My Hero Academia chapter 360?

The next chapter of the manga will be released this Sunday, July 24so you can read it on the official Shueisha site, Manga Plusa page where fans from all over the world can legally read the manga and the best thing is that it can be enjoyed in Spanish.

Subsequently, chapter 360 will be published in the 33rd edition of the Weekly Shōnen Jumpwhose front page it shows that a battle between Deku and All For One is coming, or at least that this young hero could appear very soon to finish off the enemy.

Some spoilers for this chapter My Hero Academia they let see that Bakugo is in danger, while the big three of the UA Academy are ready to rescue him or in this case Mirio Togata intervenes. Ready for this chapter 360 of My Hero Academia?


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