My Hero Academia: When does chapter 361 of the manga premiere?

the sleeve of My Hero Academia continues with one of the biggest battles yet between heroes and villainsto stop Shigaraki and All For One, but the young students are doing their best to buy more time for Deku to arrive.

Chapter 360 turned out that Bakugo was rescued after the intervention of Mirio Togata, also known as Lemillion, who with a strong blow to Shigaraki released the young hero from his hands. But Bakugo has consequences for this villain’s ability.

the followers of My Hero Academia They are waiting for each chapter and eagerly await the arrival of 361, since spoilers revealed that the Big Three of the AU would enter the battle, but here we tell you when and where you can read it.

Source: Shueisha

When and where to read My Hero Academia chapter 361?

The next chapter of the manga will be released on July 31. and you can read it on the official site that Shueisha opened so that fans around the world can read manga legally and even for free, called MangaPlus.

Subsequently, chapter 361 will arrive at the Weekly Shōnen Jump from Japan on August 1, so it could be almost a simul-release. The first chapters of Koehei Horikoshi’s story can be read, while the last 3, since each week one disappears to give priority to new ones.

Best of all, you can read updates from My Hero Academia completely into Spanish.

Spoilers for this chapter My Hero Academia they showed that the big three they enter the battle and there are flashbacks of when they met, while Deku is still conspicuous by his absence, but he could be getting closer.

Ready to read chapter 361 of My Hero Academia?


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