My Hero Academia: Who are Eri’s parents?

The reason why Eri has no family in My Hero Academia is revealed.

Eri is one of those mysterious characters, but at the same time becomes very loved by fans, and it is that this tender girl has had a terrifying and sad past. From what has been shown in the plot, Eri has always been sought after by her power, until finally Izuku Midoriya and the other heroes managed to rescue her to adopt her and make him improve both physically and emotionally.

While it is already known that Eri is a very shy, quiet and distrustful girl, everything has a reason and you don’t have to be an expert to know that he is someone who has gone through many hard things in his life. In fact, not much is known about her Well, only part of the experiments that were carried out on him and the objective that the villains have if they manage to seize his quirk have been shown. One of the unknowns of this character are his parentsbut in the following information we are going to explain why there is so little information about his family.

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Where is Eri’s family in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia

Eri has a dark past that haunts her in My Hero Academia.

The truth is that Eri is an orphaned 7-year-old girl, and that is when his powers began to manifest, her mother thought she was cursed because the quirk she had was so strange and dangerous that it didn’t even resemble her parents’. Therefore, her mother left her with her father and left without a trace, although later, when Eri activated the quirk without knowing about her, she made her father disappear, thus staying with her grandfather. , the former leader of the Shie Hassaikai group who called himself “El Jefe” (his real name is unknown).

The Chief was in charge of raise Chisaki Kai, aka Overhaul, and also took care of Eri. Due to the girl’s strange power, The Chief asked Overhaul to take it upon himself to understand how the ability worked, as it was quite similar to his, but they realized they were very different gifts. Eri has “Rewind”, a power that allows her to do that the bodies of living beings regress their state of time or are restored in various ways. In other words, it can make a 40-year-old person become a 20-year-old, and it can even make them go as far back. to the point where it ceases to exist.

Overhaul wanted to experiment with that quirk to use it for the benefit of the pool. However, El Jefe did not allow that to happen because she was his granddaughter and that would be something inhuman. Unfortunately, when the organization’s leader falls into a coma, Overhaul has to take care of Shie Hassaikai and takes Eri as adoptive daughter to carry out his macabre plans.

Eri’s new family

My Hero Academia

Eri smiles for the first time at the My Hero Academia UA Academy festival

With Eri’s blood and suffering, Overhaul finally manages to fulfill his goal of create a drug that destroys gifts. The first tests were temporary, but he was able to generate up to 5 that permanently removed gifts.

The good thing is that the heroes arrived in time for face Overhaul and free her. In this way, Eri would be adopted by the heroes, who would be in charge of protecting her and teaching her the good side of life after have suffered so much psychologically.

This is when Eri gets a new family, and considering the magnitude of his powerthis girl is likely to be the key to future wars between heroes and villainsand even to stop All For One once and for all.

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