My hero Academia: Who is Deku’s father?

This is a mystery that the saga has had for a long time

My Hero Academia is a series that takes place in a world where 80% of the population owns quirks, special abilities that allow them to perform extraordinary actions, allowing them to become heroes and villains. However, the protagonist of this manga does not own any of them, which made him a frowned upon person in this society. Fortunately, All Might received the One For All. ¨But, we know little about his family, fans know Izuku Midoriya’s mother, the young hero but little about his father..

Inko Midoriya is Izuku’s lovable mother, who cares deeply for her son and even gives All Might the homeland of her own son. Inko couldn’t be more proud of her son, but she carries so much guilt since he wasn’t born with a quirkIn fact, both she and the father have little abilities. For her part, Inko can levitate small objects towards her and her father can spit fire, but …where has this man been throughout this story and his son’s path to becoming the next?

The manga has provided little information about Izuku’s father. In the manga, it is known that his name is Hisashi Midoriya and that his quirk is breathing and spitting fire, this one is not as powerful as Dabi’s or Shoto Todoroki’s own (in fact, Inko herself didn’t mention it when she went to visit Izuku’s doctor). In the current My Hero Academia arc, we know Hisashi’s work has taken him overseas, leaving Inko and Izuku alone and that’s it. But, there are some peculiarities that Kohei Horikoshi himself, creator of this work, has revealed.

From a story point of view, not including Hisashi in Izuku’s life meant that All Might could play that role of father, but why keep him as a character? Horikoshi could have made Inko a single mother or a widow and it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. That said, It is possible that Kohei Horikoshi could have bigger plans for Hisashi Midoriya’s character.

Part of the My Hero Academia community there are several theories as to what the true identity of Deku’s father is (which we haven’t seen on the scene yet). One of the most popular theories is that it is about Shigaraki, the owner of All For One and eternal villain of All Might. According to this ideation, Shigaraki would not have been seriously injured by the power of One For All until Izuku was around 8 or 9 years old, which means that Inko could have met, fallen in love with, and had a child with Shigaraki without suspicion. If he also assumed that Izuku’s father had always worked abroad, then Izuku would not recognize Shigaraki as his father nor the face he may have.

my hero academia deku padre gyudai

In addition to the above, those who believe in this theory point out that the doctor who checked Izuku for the first time is very similar to Kyudai Garaki. For those who do not remember, Kyudai is a mad scientist who works under the orders of All For One and is responsible for the Nomus. If it turned out to be the same person, it wouldn’t make sense for Kyudai to casually become a children’s doctor. Instead, Kyudai could have masqueraded as Shigaraki’s doctor to make sure Izuku didn’t have a quirk. However, why would All for One care if Izuku had a quirk?

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El plan de All For One en My Hero Academia

Thanks to All For one, Shigaraki possesses several quirks that he stole throughout history, so he may have used this ability on his own son. To avoid leaving traces on his situation or location, this villain could have stolen the trace of the All For One that he inherited from him or even the One For All after having inherited it from All Might. If this is true, it would explain why Izuku can access and see more of Yoichi, the original owner of One for All. The family bond could allow Izuku to reveal more memories that confirm or not this theory..

My Hero Academia

All For One vs All Might en My Hero Academia

On the other hand, there is a part of the fandom who suspect that Deku could be the son of All Might and Inko Midoriya (That is why he could so faithfully replicate his victory face). In the end, whatever the case, we’ll have to wait for the next chapter, or volume, to find out who Izuku’s father is and what he’s been up to. He has years of parenting to catch up, pay support for his family, and much to discover.

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