My Hero Academia: Who is Humanrise’s villain Flect Turn and what

The movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission was released this January 6 in theaters in Mexico and some parts of Latin America, one of the most anticipated after its premiere in Japan and that gave way to new characters in an adventure independent of the events of the anime or manga.

In this new film of the franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi brings back the young heroes, who must face a villain and an organization that has subscribed to the end of the world theory of the singularity of the Quirk; in which the gifts have supposedly evolved over generations to become more powerful and dangerous, to the point where they will cause the destruction of the world.

In order to avoid the end of the world, Flect Turn aims to eradicate all Quirks and as part of the work of the organization he leads, Humarise, has planted several bombs around the world, which has the drug Trigger, to cause people to unleash their gifts and completely spiral out of control until they become overloaded and die. But… Who really is this villain?


Source: TOHO Animation

Flect Turn is the antagonist of this film, a cold, calculating extremist focused on destroying all the Quirks, which he sees as a disease for humanity. This hatred he feels for gifts and the society of heroes has developed from his childhood. Due to his uniqueness, all the people he touched got hurt, thus preventing him from achieving any kind of emotional bond.

Flect Turn sees himself as a savior, no matter that the methods or the simple idea of ​​disappearing the Quirks are a brutal thing against the very humanity that he tries to save. Flect projects his personal pain against the world, especially after an isolation that increased his resentment not only towards his own gift, but also against the powers of the rest of humanity.

What is the gift of Flect Turn and how it works?

In My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, Flect Turn possesses the gift of Refflect, this allows you to reflect any type of attack and effect to your opponentPlus you can save it for later use and not reflect it right away. However, like any singularity, it always has a weakness, it cannot withstand several powerful attacks, and the longer the battles, the power wears off.

Source: TOHO Animation

During the duel with Deku, part of his abilities and what he is capable of can be observed, despite the fact that he never wanted to become a fighter. In order to have better control of its uniqueness, Flect Turn has a high-tech suit, which goes hand in hand with a belt that goes up its column, at the same time that 4 pointed mirrors protrude at the ends to use its gift . These mirrors serve to channel the absorbed energy and thus float in the air.

Flect Turn is one of more villains struggling to have been rejected as human beings with quirks, so he will do anything to create a new world where he can fit in, no matter what the price some innocent have to pay. Do you think that the gift of Flect Turn could be used to do good?


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