My Hero Academia: Who is Rody Soul, Deku’s new friend and what

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is the third film installment of the franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi, which introduced new characters, and one of them was a key point for the entire plot of the story that took us around the world, but especially in the fictional city of Otheon. .

Rody Soul, is one of the new characters that appeared in this world adventure of the heroes, while doing a small job in Otheon, his hometown and place where the heroes do their internship, without paying attention to the fact that the Humarise organization was devising a plan to eliminate Quirks from all over the world. But… Who is this new character really?


Rody is someone who he is skeptical of heroes and true justice, since in his town these types of people were very rare. In addition, this young man is dedicated to petty theft and other crimes, in order to support his little brothers after the disappearance of their father, for which the heroes do not thank him very much. As if all this were not enough, Rody’s father keeps a terrible secret, which has left his eldest son helpless.

Source: TOHO Animation

Rody doesn’t hate heroes, he just doesn’t care about them until he meets Deku. Our hero gets Rody to think differently about vigilantes, and after some pep talks and a little development, Rody ends up helping both Deku like Bakugo and Todoroki to stop Humarise’s plans; As expected, the relationship between the new hero and Deku advances to the point where a beautiful friendship is formed.

What is Rody’s gift and how does it work?

Within My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission we might think that Rody does not have a gift, which is possible, since only 80% of the population is born with one, but we are going to say that it is not so. Soul is Rody’s Quirk, which manifests itself in the form of a small animal, a bird named Pino.

This curious animal is connected to Rody’s soul and has the ability to reflect his inner feelings even though Rody tries to hide them, this can reveal that the boy is lying and that he is suffering because of a farewell… regardless of whether his face reflects other types of emotions.

Source: TOHO Animation

Although this character can be a good liar and a great negotiator, and even have great physical abilities and can even be a great pilot, the reality is that Rody’s gift is only linked to Pino, to his soul and to the reflection of his emotions.

rody demonstrated have the heart of a true hero and in a fact that he trusted them again after everything that happened in the company of Deku. In addition, he always worries about his little brothers, whom he has to take care of as a task left to him by his father. Without a doubt a true hero. What did you think of Rody’s gift?


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