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Between the characters of My Hero Academia There is a traitor who has revealed valuable information about Musutafu’s vigilantes to the members of the League of Villains. This was established by Kohei Horikoshi almost from the beginning of the series, and to date the mystery has not been solved. Nevertheless, on Boku no Hero enough clues have been left to give you an idea of ​​their identity, and then we will show you all of them.

These are all the clues we have so far

In the first chapters of My Hero Academia, Director Nezu revealed that the UA Academy was home to a hero who was betraying others in pursuit of villains, and that This is why it was so easy for these vile beings to intercept and attack Musufutafu’s vigilantes.. Of course, Nezu never managed to discover the identity of this character, and to date it does not seem that Kohei Horikoshi we will find out soon.

Gigantomachia’s appearance in the hero camp was the traitor’s fault | Image: Bones

However, and according to the suspicions of All Might, the villain could not be a student, as there was no way to avoid putting himself at risk from the attacks of an enemy. On the contrary: Whoever was betraying the heroes had to be someone at the UA Academy with enough experience, perhaps a teacher or some other kind of leader.

Taking us by All Might’s reasoning and thus dismissing the students, the most suspicious among the adults at the UA Academy is undoubtedly Headmaster Nezu. And it is that, on the one hand, this cute little animal has all kinds of information about the heroes of Musutafu, and on the other hand it is very capable of hiding under the facade of a small innocent a sadistic being that from his position he can be violating to his supposed companions. In this sense, many fans support this theory.

What secrets could Nezu be hiding? | Image: Bones

It seems that Kohei Horikoshi has deviated about this plot, because for a long time he has not mentioned anything else about it within his manga, but the truth is that it is very likely that the author is reserving this information to reveal it in a moment critic of his work. Until then, we can only speculate on the identity of this being, although Nezu has all the earmarks of being the traitor. We have no evidence, but no doubts either.

And you, who do you think could be the villain among Musutafu’s heroes?


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