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Almost at the beginning of the series, Kohei Horikoshi had revealed to us that among the characters of My Hero Academia there is a traitor who shared valuable information about Musutafu’s vigilantes to the members of the League of Villains. The identity of this supposed hero had remained secret until very recently, since in the manga the traitor has finally been revealed.

A student from Class 1-A?!

Many characters were suspected of being the traitor of the heroes: from Headmaster Nezu to Ochako Uraraka. But nevertheless, the true identity of this villain is that of the student Yuga Aoyama, one of the most outstanding students of Class 1-A and also one of the closest friends of Izuku Midoriya. This has been revealed to us in episode 336 of the manga by My Hero Academia.

Yuga Aoyama was revealed as the true villain of My Hero Academia | Image: Shueisha

The reason why the blameless Yuga Aoyama betrayed his friends and classmates Academia U. A. is because the main antagonist of the play, All For One has been threatening the hero for years with collaborating with him in his terrible plans or ending the life of his entire family. The young student had to accept without question, however, the damage he has generated in other heroes due to his betrayal has eaten away at him like an unfathomable guilt, or so, at least, Aoyama confessed to Deku.

Deku, unsurprisingly, only captured the traitor to make him see reason that, despite his mistakes, he could still become a hero. The truth is this reveal feels a bit untimely right now, not for nothing many readers had believed that Kohei Horikoshi he had forgotten the story. However, many readers will surely have satisfied their curiosity.

Everything was a mask | Image: Bones

As you can see, in the end the traitor ended up being Yuga Aoyama, a vain and proud hero who up to now had behaved quite superior to several of his companions. However, now we can understand that it was all a farce, and that under the smile of this supposed hero is the tragic scowl of a villain.

And you, were you right in your predictions of the traitor?


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