My Hero Academia: Why Does All Might Care About Deku So Much?


If you are a fan of this saga, surely you already know the answer

In the first My Hero Academia Story Arcs, the relationship between Deku and All Might is vital to the plot, their relationship both as teacher and student as well as father figure and son is an integral part of the destiny of the world of heroes created by Kohei Horikoshi. . But,why does he care so much about this boy the Symbol of Peace, the strongest hero in the world?

Since Midoriya was a child, he admired Toshinori Yagi, also known as All Might, who could “save the day with a smile on his face”, he wanted to become him. Unfortunately, our young protagonist is one of the few human beings born without a quirk, which means that they do not have any special power or ability to combat the forces of evil. It took a chance meeting for her future to finally have a necessary change.

Izuku Midoriya dressed as All Might in My Hero Academia

Midoriya not only inherited the Quirk immediately from All Might, his powerful All For One, which allows him to concentrate all his strength and energy in a single point. But, his body needed training to withstand so much power and show that he could also take responsibility as the next Symbol of Peace.. In fact, All Might himself had his doubts about it.

When they first met, the pro hero believed she was just another fan harassing him for an autograph or simply didn’t measure the length of his words. Of course, that would change very quickly in My Hero Academia. AND, is that deep down there was something that was reflected in the enthusiast: like him, the boy did not have a quirkbut he had a big heart and desires for justice. However, she didn’t want to disappoint him with false hopes or empty words, until he proved his worth.

my hero academia deku midoriya all might

The moment came when the slime monster attacked Katsuki Bakugo, his childhood friend and another would-be hero. Midoriya ended up risking her life to save her childhood friend. This act of bravery inspired All Might to fortify himself once more, risk his own life, and defeat the villain in turn.

The next Symbol of Peace, the relationship between Deku and All Might in My Hero Academia

All Might knew he didn’t have much time left, after his last fight with All For One, which left him with serious internal injuries, so he personally trained Midoriya to properly use One For All, the quirk that could inherit. Once the boy enrolled in the school of heroes and became the superhero Deku, his path had begun, but he would still have to prove himself to more people in My Hero Academia.

Whether it was defeating Stain to save another student or defeating Muscular to rescue a child, Midoriya always pushed his limits in My Hero Academia.. However, All Might would always be worried about how often he pushed himself. Midoriya was constantly injuring himself by performing crazy stunts.

my hero academia deku midoriya all might

After his retirement in the Hideout Raid arc, All Might told Midoriya that it was his turn to be a hero, he had reached the point where he could start his path as the next Symbol of Peace. He couldn’t protect him anymore because of the physical wear and tear his fights had left on him, but he knew the young hero could go on without him. For that reason, he wanted to make sure that his successor was fully prepared.

In a way, All Might is like a father to Deku. All Might used to be an ordinary boy like Deku in My Hero Academia, without a special ability, until he met his teacher.. That is why he always assured the young protagonist that he would dominate One for All, because he was able to do it too. As he retreated, All Might knew that he could pass his torch to Deku.

my hero academia deku midoriya all might

Midoriya chatting with All Might.

In fact, All Might is the main reason why Inko Midoriya didn’t put an end to his son’s dreams.. After the Hideout Raid, he thought that the UA did a terrible job of protecting their students, including Deku. All Might ended up apologizing to her and swore that he would do whatever it takes to keep him safe. While he is not related by blood, All Might is very much like a father to Deku.

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