My Hero Academia: Why Does Shigaraki’s Hair Change Color?

We explain to you the real reason why Shigaraki’s hair always changes.

Shigaraki is a character full of surprises in Boku no Hero Academia, and all the characteristics that make up his powers and attitude they make him a villain worthy of the series. The interesting thing about this delinquent is that he seems to be in constant evolution as the anime story progresses, because he always has a reason to attack heroes when they least expect itand plans to become someone much more powerful than he imagines.

While the gift Deterioration is already a devastating ability that Allows you to destroy everything in your path Regardless of whether he’s up against something organic or inorganic, this power seems to go further with certain upgrades the villain can acquire. However, one of the most striking changes that are represented in their physical appearance it’s the color of her hair, and here’s why this happens.

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The reason why Tomura Shigaraki’s hair changes color

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Shigaraki’s evolution in My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki’s real name is Tenko Shimura and that is everything changed when his quirk began to manifest. In the last episodes of the fifth season of My Hero Academia, the origin of the character is finally shown, which is one of the strongest and saddest that has been seen in the plot of the anime. Here it is shown that the moment Mr. Deterioration arrives, it begins to itch his neck and eyes, while your face begins to have wrinkles and her hair changes from black to very pale blue. Therefore, her physical changes would be caused by the same quirk, including the change in hair color.

In fact, the same thing happens when Shigaraki faces Re-Destro, because the gift evolves in such a way that it gives him the ability to deteriorate without the need to use all five fingers at the same time. In turn, it causes more changes to your face and his hair is bleached until it becomes completely white.

It is not known exactly why does the quirk do this to shigaraki, but it is likely that in addition to damaging the things he touches, it can damage him over time. Perhaps, as this power evolves, Shigaraki’s age increases exponentially, and that would explain why he looks so old at only 22since he has more wrinkles than normal and his hair has turned white.

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