My Hero Academia: Why Shigaraki is a great character, and at the same time not

Tomura Shigaraki is, along with All Might, surely my favorite character from “My Hero Academia“Yes, quite opposite, I take it into account, but they are the ones that I think represent more intensely and honestly what they really fight for. That is why following the villain little by little is something that I have loved, and which I love, honestly. But even so, right now he’s at a point where he’s not exactly what I expected for him.

How Shigaraki has followed a path that he did not quite expect in My Hero Academia

Then I take a few points to say why do i have mixed feelings right now with Shigaraki figure:

  • To date, Shigaraki was a character with a terrible past that he eventually knew how to leave behind. He is a leader, a devastating force, and that has been noted in the last two episodes… if it wasn’t because it wasn’t him. ❌
  • I’m sorry, but to me that now he has the ability to use a gazillion Gifts is different is something… well, with which I don’t marry. All for One is one thing, but this is Tomura Shigaraki, and even though he is the villain, he is someone who has faithfully followed his cause. ❌
Shigaraki, a totally renewed character in My Hero Academia
  • I have never been a particular fan of Izuku because I consider that the fact that they give you something like the One for All is not fair, and that is how I think Bakugo has felt it on more than one occasion. But has worked with the Don, continues to work with him, and tries to make the most of everything he has (even if at this point it is composed of different Gifts). But with Shigaraki it’s different. ✔️
  • Right now, that Shigaraki who grew up being himself has ceased to exist. He is someone who has become a collection of Gifts, of genetic alterations, for which he has not had to work in the slightest. He says it, that utilizing all of his new Quirks is something he seems like he’s always been able to do. ❗

At the same time that I think that this is NOT the Shigaraki that excited me for its trajectory, obviously I find the end result amazing. The timing of dodging Endeavor’s attack out of the air with a simple flick of the arm is ridiculous, and truly reminiscent of the physical strength All Might had at the time. However, it seems to me that if we continue like this, and with All for One’s voice in my head, it will end up being more of a soulless attraction than that villainous essence that had also come to display.

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