My Hero Academia: Why was Deku born without powers?

My Hero Academia still has a lot of questions to answer for fans, and one of the most urgent is to know why Deku was born without powers or Don. Is it mere coincidence that he could become All Might’s disciple and heir? Or is there another, darker explanation for the absence of Quirk in young Midoriya?

Why doesn’t Deku have a Quirk?

Deku was born without Quirk because the doctors discovered that he had an extra joint in his little toe., in addition to the fact that he did not manifest physical signs of the existence of powers at his young age. The doctors pointed out that the absence of such articulation in people constituted “the next step in evolution”, since those who did not have it did have a Gift. in the world of My Hero Academia it is estimated that at least 20% of the population is born without powers, and unfortunately Deku was one of them.

Not having a Quirk frustrated the dreams of little Deku who wanted to be like All Might one day.. He had also frustrated his dream of studying at the prestigious hero school UA Academy where his favorite hero had attended. However, everything changed when he discovered the secret of the Symbol of Peace, becoming his disciple while still being his number one admirer.

Not having Don broke Deku’s kokoro since childhood | Image: Bones

Did someone steal Deku’s Quirk?

After an All For One monologue that occurred in episode 343 of the manga, another interesting theory has emerged about Deku’s Gift and his lack of powers. What happens is that the villain alludes to once stealing the ancestor’s Quirk from one of All Might’s allies. It is true that there are not a few heroes and heroines with whom All Might has collaborated throughout history, but Deku became the closest to him after becoming his apprentice.

Since Gifts are passed down from generation to generation, it is possible that stealing yours from an ancestor of Deku, the young man has run out of powers to inherit due to AFO. Izuku’s mysterious familiar may not have been able to pass on the Quirk from him before losing it, thus explaining Deku not having one. However, this theory does not take into account that young Midoriya’s father did have a Gift. Unless this is not true and the story of his father is very different from what we know so far.


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