My Hero Academia will give an important role to one of its most hated heroes

This boy from class 1-B will finally have his moment to shine.

The biggest reveal of the chapter 344 My Hero Academia directly involved the heroes of the franchise who managed to use the quirk Kurogiri in order to ambush All For One and transport all efforts to Midoriya’s side and Aoyama-Yugathe AU traitor, but for the success of this plan, a very different character (and much less loved) was involved to which Kohei Horikoshi has accustomed us.

Already from the previous chapter, we saw how its author was preparing the biggest battle in the series to date. In this way, we saw how the plan of the heroes was based on the element of surprise because nothing offers a better advantage than being able to instantly launch heroes onto the battlefield. While this poses a significant problem and could have been the focus of an arc of its own, My Hero Academia chapter 344 reveals that the shortcut the heroes devised to use the quirk of Kurogiri in his favor was: to bring out a secondary character with a particularly amazing ability, that is Neito Monoma.

neito monoma my hero academia 344

In case you don’t remember this hero, he made his debut at the UA sports festival several story arcs ago.. On that occasion, we saw how he earned public outcry when he involved the students of class 1-B to win at any cost, all while keeping his own hidden powers. During the combat portion of the Festival, Neito was able to easily see Ochaco’s true strategy when he fought Katsuki, something that many of the audience members, including the current Pro Heroes, didn’t notice until much later.

Monoma is a student of Class 1-B, of which they are all secondary characters with little participation in the plot arcs, in fact, they are usually the object of training for Class 1-A. The most marked aspect of the character of Monoma’s character is his unpleasant behavior, as he constantly insists on how his class is superior and that he is much better than Midoriya and company (no one likes to have someone that presumptuous around). He is frequently taken off screen due to the scolding and scolding he receives from his partner for this behavior, even when they are practicing or training with their peers or any of their teachers, and there is little to no reason for fans to really have. positive feelings towards him. As a student hero, he must have some redeeming qualities, but the reader is never really exposed to any. The most notable feature of him is his quirk: the ability to copy any ability of the last person touched.

my hero academia 344 monoma neito

Although it still takes time for Monoma to learn how to use these new skills, so she has a lot of potential, but she is still limited in combat. Despite this, she was instrumental in taking Kurogiri’s ability and using it against her own boss, All For One.

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Monoma’s True Potential Shines in My Hero Academia 344

In the context of the heroes’ current situation, bringing in Monoma to copy and train with Kurogiri’s ability resulted in a brilliant move that benefited both the young hero and his plan of attack.. Since Kurogiri was kept unconscious and in custody, it’s easy to allow Monoma to touch him over and over again without issue. Plus, it also works as an opportunity for Monoma to really build some goodwill with the audience and show why he wants to be a hero and how he can help the cause. However, as a plot point in the story, he would have been much more powerful. having Kurogiri perform this stunt himself, especially considering All for One’s goals, his complex feelings towards Tomura Shigaraki, and his connections to Aizawa. The real question that comes out of having Monoma do it is, “Why not have Monoma use it first?”

my hero academia 343

With My Hero Academia drawing to a close, now is a good time to make sure a few small characters get their turn in the spotlight. Monoma, and it might finally help him gain some fans after all.

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