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Currently My Hero Academia is heading towards its grand finale. along the arc current we have seen the most impressive and important battles of this work. The latest manga chapter seems to indicate that Bakugo will awaken a new quirk. Will it be enough to achieve victory?

My Hero Academia Chapter 360 showed us the evil Shigaraki’s battle with our hero, Bakugo.. One of the villain’s strongest powers catches up with him and seems to leave him very badly injured. Not to mention that throughout the fight, the malefactor has had the upper hand.

Seeing Bakugo injured makes Best Jeanist approach him to help him and heal his wounds. However, the hero, more than injured, seems focused on defeating Shigaraki. Also, the drops of sweat from him start to make small explosions. Which could indicate that an ‘evolution’ of his quirk is coming.

Bakugo will awaken a new power in My Hero Academia
Source: Shueisha

Unfortunately this development occurs in the last panel of the most recent chapter. We’ll have to wait until the next My Hero Academia manga to find out what Bakugo is up to. Maybe it’s a new quirk that helps him take down Shigaraki once and for all.

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Fans on social networks were very excited about this. Many mention that they can’t wait for the next one to find out what Kohei Horikoshi came up with. It seems that My Hero Academia is shaping up to give an end could be a very explosive and full of emotion.

How could I improve Bakugo’s quirk in My Hero Academia?

The last page of the most recent manga of My Hero Academia got fans thinking about what comes next for Bakugo. In case you don’t remember, this hero has a quirk that makes him sweat nitroglycerin and detonate it whenever he wants. The sweat beads on the last panel were exploding on their own.

Bakugo's quirk in My Hero Academia is well known
Source: Bones

Perhaps this lack of control can help the hero create more explosions than he could before. This could cause Shigaraki to be confused or give him less reaction time between detonations.. For now we can only wait to see the new ability of bakugo. Which do you think it is?

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