My Hero Academia will have a long hiatus before its expected end

My Hero Academia is the obra de Kohei Horikoshi and one of the franchises most loved by the international public, although it will have a small hiatus in October. In it we meet a world full of heroes and villains with known unique abilities What quirksThese are inherited from family to family.

However, there are cases like Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of this saga who does not have any of them. Fortunately, this young man will inherit one of the most powerful abilities known as the One For All.

His fate will be sealed from that moment and will lead him to face the most powerful villain in this world, Tomura Shigaraki, the possessor of All For One, the only ability that can be pitted against Midoriya’s power. Unfortunately for his fans, we will have to wait a little longer before witnessing his final match.

The WSJ_manga Twitter account reported that the author of My Hero Academia will take a short break before continuing with his work. The next chapter of his manga was scheduled for issue 47 of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, unfortunately it will be rescheduled for the next issue.

That is to say that everything will return to normal from October 31, just in time to celebrate it with the Day of the Dead or Halloween, according to the occasion. This will not be the first time that Kohei Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia, has taken a short break, either due to health problems or because of his vacation period. Whatever the reason in this case, hopefully it will serve to have the chapter that your audience has been waiting so eagerly.

My Hero Academy Protagonists

Now, if you are interested in being aware of the current arc of My Hero Academia, we recommend that you read the most recent chapters through the Manga Plus service. There you can read it for free, both in English and Spanish, as you prefer.

The final arc of My Hero Academy

In this way, it seems that the long-awaited end of My Hero Academia will be postponed a bit longer. The reason why this fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki is so highly anticipated is because, unlike other action anime series, this will not be a one-on-one battle.

Kohei Horikoshi, el autor de My Hero Academia, has shown us that the most important thing for the final fight will be all the heroes and heroines that have accompanied this protagonist throughout his adventure.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Until now, Midoriya had made the difficult decision to face alone against All For One, Tomura Shigaraki’s master, his army and Shigaraki himself so that no one else would suffer again because of him. However, the constant fights against mercenaries and hordes of villains, had left him on the brink of death. Merely, his power was not enough.

Fortunately, in previous chapters of My Hero Academia, we saw how his friends have decided to come to his rescue and convince the population that Midoriya is a hero, as is each of the people who decide to fight evil. So we are about to witness one of the best fights in manga history, even if we have to wait a little longer.