My Hero Academia will have several new video games in development

The KLab company has already expressed interest in expanding Izuku and company’s video game catalog

My Hero Academia has become one of the most popular modern anime in recent years, and this has led to its development a video game line named One’s Justice. However, the truth is that it cannot be said that neither of the two available installments has done true justice to the potential of Kouhei Horikoshi’s work. Despite this, things may change after it is confirmed that there will be more My Hero Academia video games in development.

My Hero Academia will return to video games with KLab Games

Has been the ann team who has reported this news, and basically what is known is the following:

  • The news is as follows: KLaba video game development studio, has confirmed the purchase of the rights of My Hero Academia to create online video games internationally. ✔️
  • Indeed, we are not talking about a single game, but it has literally been said that “the company is planning to develop several online games“. ❗
  • What can one expect from these comments and knowing what KLab is capable of? Honestly, my main bet is that the first video game we will see will be a gacha in which to create teams of heroes and villains. ❓
  • Is there a possibility of something developing beyond a mobile-type game? Honestly, I find it difficult. The reason for this is that ALL KLab Games games are similar in their essence, such as Bleach: Brave Souls or Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. ❗

It is true that My Hero Academia already has in ‘The Strongest Hero’ a mobile game quite forceful, so I understand that more than one may wonder why it emphasizes again something that looks similar. Personally, I think it’s because that video game is more focused on direct PvP, while traditionally anime gacha are mostly successful for its many events, characters, summons and other. Precisely, this is how I hope one of these My Hero Academia video games will be announced, but we will have to wait to see what they confirm.

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