My Hero Academia: Will the power of Deku and Bakugo really be enough to beat All For One?


Finally, we will see this pair face their great enemy… but will they be enough?

With the final battle approaching in the My Hero Academia manga, its fans may be wondering how this fight will play out. If Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, and Katsuki Bakugo they could beat Tomura Shigaraki. Or if they will need the help of their peers like Best Jeanist, Mirko, Hawks, among others.

First, we should talk about the different approaches they have had with this villain, because while Deku hopes to “rescue Tomura Shigaraki from the brainwashing of All For One”, Bakugo is not so hopeful. In fact, his annoyance grew from his first confrontation with the villain. He simply hates “being humiliated” by this enemy, in which he has no hope.

Also, despite his prominence in My Hero Academia, Bakugo does not have a clear opponent for the final battles, beyond his resentment against Tomura, he does not see him as his “true enemy”. As a result, many fans believe that he could only help Deku in his battle against Shigaraki, as Kohei Horikoshi has built their relationship as antagonists.

However, the question remains whether or not Bakugo can keep up with the other two, or if his emotions and “feeling inferior” will cause him to fall into despair. Deku and Shigaraki have become immensely strong since the Paranormal Liberation War, thanks to their have clear goals and objectives

Contrary to the aforementioned, Deku’s pure desires may not be enough to stop Tomura Shigaraki’s unstoppable power and he needs support, not only from Bakugo but from the largest number of available heroes. Let us remember that the final technique of Star & Stripes couldn’t do enough damage to this villain.

So if a nuclear bomb can’t stop Shigaraki, the peace symbol’s successor may not be able to do it alone either. Therefore, Bakugo becomes a key player in this My Hero Academia match thanks to its destructive capacity.

Bakugo and his power in My Hero Academia

The latest data book My Hero Academia is the Ultra Analysis Archive, a helpful guide to comparing heroes and villains in terms of physical stats. Thanks to this article, we know what the true power level of the protagonists of this final battle is.

  • Bakugo has the following values: Power: ⅚, Speed: ⅚, Technique: 5/6 (A+), Wits: ⅚
  • Meanwhile, here are Shigaraki’s current stats: Power: 6/6 (S+), Speed: 4/6, (B-)Tech: 5/6 (A), Wits: 5/6 (A)

Judging by these stats, Bakugo should theoretically be able to outmatch Shigaraki. However, the physical strength of the villain is greater than that of the hero. Only someone like Deku can realistically match him. Bakugo encountered Shigaraki in the Paranormal Liberation War and was easily outmatched. In fact, Bakugo was seriously injured by his Rivet Stab technique..

bakugo my hero academia

This means Bakugo can’t take a single hit from Shigaraki if he wants to survive. In addition, the quirk Shigaraki’s Decay is an instant kill move in My Hero Academia., which means that our heroes will have to constantly be on the run. At a minimum, Bakugo possesses aerial mobility with his explosive ability. This would be a great help against Shigaraki’s decay effects, which can wipe out entire battlefields.

Also, there is a possibility that we will have a situation similar to that of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission, if Deku were to transfer the One For All to Bakugo, the latter would receive a massive increase in physical stats. During the movie, this powerful duo completely destroyed a supervillain with multiple Quirkssimilar to Shigaraki’s main ability.

Even if the movies aren’t canon, the characters still act like they would in the manga. This exact scenario could realistically play out in the main story, and it wouldn’t feel out of place. As a last resort, the outcome of this battle will depend on Deku’s final Quirk, which belongs to the second OFA user. However, his true powers have yet to be revealed. This could be the trump card Deku needs against Shigaraki, whatever it is.

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