My Hero Academia Wizard Thanks Fans With Special Deku Sketch

my hero academia became one of the greatest Shonen series, and in doing so, made Izuku Midoriya one of the greatest Shonen heroes as Kohei Horikoshi nears the grand finale of his superhero epic. While Horikoshi is a driving force in the creation of this regularly published manga, he has plenty of helpers who help bring the world of UA Academy to life, with one helper, in particular, taking the opportunity to thank the fans for a recent social media milestone by giving said fans a new take on the current wielding of the Quirk known as One For All.

As Deku worked towards his dream of becoming a crime fighter on par with All Might, his road was anything but easy as he had to wrestle not only with bad guys, but also with the mastery of his unique Quirk that gave him been given by the ancient symbol of peace. With his powers that originally tore through his own body, normally breaking bones whenever he exhibited his super strength, he has come a long way since the early days of his UA membership and operates on a higher level even to professional heroes such as Endeavor and Hawks. .

my hero academia assistant, Nagamoto, shared Deku’s latest sketch after the artist gained ten thousand Twitter followers, giving fans a new look at the protagonist Shonen who is at the center of the final fight against All For One and his hordes of villains. seeking to eliminate society of heroes:

While the war arc has yet to take place in the anime adaptation, with the series touting that this fall will depict the savage battle between heroes and villains, Deku found himself drastically changed as a result. . With the villains accumulating more power as a result, Midoriya took on a much darker appearance, pushing his friends to the side and protecting the innocent as a “dark avenger” that made many civilians believe that Midoriya was now a villain.

While Midoriya might be the star of the show, it’s ironic that Bakugo is consistently picked as the show’s most popular character according to fans. When the series comes to an end, it should be interesting to see if it stays the same or if Deku is able to pull off a win.

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