My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Announces February Blu-ray / DVD Release | Spaghetti Code

One of the most anticipated anime movies My Hero Academia, revealed that World Heroes’ Mission will have a version Blu-ray/DVD, which will be launched on February 16, 2022 in Japan.

As we know, the movie of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission It had its premiere just last August 6 in Japan and in recent days it has been presented in some parts of the world, thanks to the distributors, while Funimation will take care of it in Mexico and Latin America, so they will reveal more information later. .

According to the official site, the Blu-ray The movie will be priced at 8,580 yen, while the DVD will cost 7,480 yen in its Plus Ultra edition alone.. Meanwhile, the regular version of Blu-ray from the movie of My Hero Academia It will be priced at 5,280 yen and the DVD will cost 4,180 yen.

The content of the Plus Ultra version will have 3 boxes with the faces of some characters designed by Yoshihiko Umakoshi, as well as a special brochure “World Heroes’ Mission” and a cover postcard from the original author of My Hero Academia, Kohei Horikoshi.

In addition, it will feature a special video for fans of the franchise and a video with special greetings from the film’s elect.

The third feature film of the anime raised 2.06 million yen, which is about 18.74 million dollars, after selling 1.58 million tickets at the box office, which made it one of the most successful films in the franchise, as it surpassed its predecessors.

World Heroes’ Mission will follow the adventures of our heroes, after a mysterious villainous organization launched a threat to destroy all people’s quirks, so it planted bombs in much of the world. It will be at that time that professional and interning heroes must find the explosives, while Blanket, Bakugo and Todoroki they will work with Rody.


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