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As the state of emergency over the pandemic continues across much of Japan, local cinemas are slowly trying to get back on track with premieres that have the potential to revive public interest. Fortunately, My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, the latest film production inspired by Kohei Horikoshi’s popular manga, was a smash on its opening weekend.

What happens is that the third feature film of My Hero Academia It managed to sell more than 720,000 tickets in Japanese theaters during its first 4 days in theaters, which translates to an approximate profit of ¥ 940 million yen (about $ 8.52 million). It is important to note that Monday was a public holiday in Japan, so it is also part of the weekend.

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The new My Hero Academia movie surpassed its predecessor

In this way, the debut of My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission It far exceeds that of the previous film in the franchise, as it achieved a 200.2% higher gross. We must remember that My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising it earned ¥ 422.47 million yen ($ 3.86 million) in its first 3 days in theaters, and its tour of theaters ended with earnings close to ¥ 1.79 billion yen ($ 16.2 million).

For its part, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the first film in the franchise, earned a total of ¥ 1.72 billion yen after its 2018 release. So the latest film production has a long way to go if it is to become the most successful.

Of course, it is important to note that, unfortunately, there is still no official information about the premiere of the film in Latin America and other regions of the world. For now, fans can enjoy season 5 of My Hero Academia, which is broadcast on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll.

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But tell us, what do you think of the success of this third film? Do you think it will surpass its predecessors? Let us read you in the comments.

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