My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Releases Trailer With Asian Kung-Fu Generation | Spaghetti Code

The official site of My Hero Academia he has released a new special trailer for his third feature film World Heroes’ Mission, to celebrate its screenings in theaters in Japan, after it became the highest grossing film in the franchise, earning 2.06 billion yen (about $ 18.74 million).

Given the success of the film, TOHO Animation celebrated in a new and different way by releasing a new special trailer, highlighting the connection between protagonist Izuku Midoriya and the addition of a new character, Rody Soul. Within the new promotional video of the film you can briefly listen to the song Flowers, performed by the group Asian Kung-Fu Generation.

According to the distributor, for next August 28 the film will be screened in 4D, while who announced the start of preparations for their film to be seen throughout Japan and international territories.

World Heroes’ Mission, earned just over 1.6 million yen, in addition to selling 1.28 million tickets during its first 10 days, following its premiere on August 6. The third installment of the franchise also earned 940 million yen in its first 4 days of release, thus surpassing its predecessor. My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising en un 200.2%.

The story of this film will talk about a mysterious organization, which will seek the destruction of people with Quirks, to whom he has threatened and planted bombs in various parts of the world, whileThey will be the professional heroes and those who are in training, who will have to look for the explosives. In the path, Blanket, Todoroki and Bakugo They will meet Rody, a boy inside a mobile home in Oseon, with whom they will work.

My Hero Academia fue creado por Kohei Horikoshi, who rescues the action stories of great classic comic book heroes and has generated that manga like anime, be one of the favorites of various people around the world.


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