‘My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes’: a triumphant superhero franchise

After the successes of ‘Two Heroes’ and ‘The Awakening of Heroes’, ‘My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes’ joins the most popular Japanese superhero franchise of the moment. The new film, distributed by Selecta Vision, has been released in Spain this Friday, December 12 in theaters, after the great reception it has had in Japan and the United States.

In this installment, Deku has to work with professional heroes from around the world to protect the world’s population from bombs that a criminal organization, Humarise, has hidden all over the planet. However, while he is working in the Oseon country -sold to Humarise-, accidentally gets a briefcase that appears to incriminate the organization. So that, becomes the most wanted of the entire fictitious nation and the terrorist organization.

It is worth mentioning that the ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ films parallel the main story of the manga and anime series. That is, they simply supplement the main plot with side stories and some new characters and villains that will never be seen or mentioned again. However, this does not make it less exciting or of less quality. The animation of ‘World Mission of Heroes’ is very fluid and the colors very vibrant. A feast for the eyes.

Since the summer when the movie was announced and the trailer was released, anime and manga fans have been waiting for this premiere. Content, debates and theories were created in social networks. The ‘hype’ reached very high levels. And that could not be translated in any other way than with a large collection.

Only with the premiere of ‘World Mission of Heroes’ in Japan, it already became the highest grossing film of the ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ franchise with 940 million yen (about 7 million euros) raised in the first four days since its first issue on August 6. And with the recent premieres in the rest of the countries, ‘World Mission of Heroes’ is preparing to knock on the door of the most successful film productions in the Japanese country.

Now it remains to be seen if it will follow the example of ‘Evangelion: 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time’, the new film in the historical series ‘mecha’ so philosophical, or even of ‘Night Watch: Infinity Train’, the most box office in the history of Japan. The stats for both are stellar and hard to beat. Nevertheless, ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ has been one of the world’s leading shonen since its premiere in 2015. And after the new big ‘boom’ that Japanese comics and animation have had, especially among the little ones, anime has more viewers than ever.

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As for next season, fans already have a 15 second teaser that TOHO Animation posted in September. It centers on Deku (Izuku Midoriya), the protagonist, and Tomura Shigaraki, the leader of the former League of Villains and current Paranormal Liberation Front. It seems that both will face each other in a great battle. Although those who are up to date with the manga already know what will happen, all the fans await this sixth season with great impatience.