‘My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes’

‘My Hero Academy: World Mission of Heroes’.

The third long-form installment of these peculiar superheroes hits theaters taking advantage of the success of the manga and anime series

Borja Crespo

Manga, a comic for these payments, widespread Anglicism that has dethroned the word comic, which still resists the invader in lesser doses, is an exceptional breeding ground in a market such as Asia, rich in proposals on paper, or digital ones -the webtoons are sweeping oriental readers – they touch on every topic imaginable. From cartoons to animation, and from cartoons to live action, they are natural steps in the eastern market, where this intersection of disciplines in the audiovisual medium predominates, whether we are talking about feature films or countless television series, with multiple themes, that proliferate on streaming platforms.

The fandom phenomenon does not stop growing and the unstoppable demand for this type of material is translated into a wide offer that especially hooks the public often. The boom is undeniable, the otaku fever, far from losing strength, is increasing dramatically, as the massive attendance at the recent Barcelona Manga Fair has shown. The national distributor Selecta Visión, used to giving anime a field in our market, takes advantage of the current scenario to place copies in the cinemas of some imported blockbusters, such as the new installment of ‘My Hero Academia’, promoted by the Bones studios with sponsorship of Toho Animation.

‘My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes’ is based on the manga devised by Kōhei Horikoshi, from a unique issue of his vintage titled ‘My Hero’, published in the fifth volume of the manga ‘Ōmagadoki Dōbutsuen’. In January 2015 began the tribulations of a group of diverse characters with powers who live in a world where 80% of the population has special gifts, divided between heroes and villains. Only 20% of the inhabitants of the planet are not extraordinary.

While the first seasons of the animated series attract fans from the Netflix menu, this third long-form episode of the franchise, directed by Kenji Nagasaki -responsible for the bulk of the adaptations in motion-, arrives on our billboard after amassing a fortune in Japan , where it raised more than 29 million dollars. To that figure we will have to add what you accumulate in other territories, obtaining a generous global amount for a product of these characteristics. The new adventure presents a terrible criminal organization that aims to exterminate everyone with superpowers, inevitably referring to the ‘X-Men’.

‘My Hero Academy: World Mission of Heroes’.

Fondness with the main characters is one of the strengths of ‘My Hero Academia: World Mission of Heroes’, an animation film with an inexhaustible rhythm that thoroughly uses all the visual resources imaginable in the field of anime, without deviating too much from a Classic style that engages and conscientiously expresses the elements typical of its language, sometimes delightfully minimalist. The villain of the role is one of the great achievements of a production rich in spectacular combat scenes that knows how to balance the interest of its potential audience and opening up to new viewers.

It is not necessary to know the history of the proposal to enjoy it. The uninitiated can lose some references without affecting the level of entertainment and understanding of the action, concentrated in Midoriya, Bakugô and Todoroki, three roles much loved by manga fans and their version in serialized format for the multiscreen. The film is set chronologically during the events of season 5 of the anime. The die is cast, battle by battle.