My Hero Academia would need a sequel, but could it be done?

My Hero Academia end sooner rather than later, that’s how it is. The work of Kohei Horikoshi it is ending, both in manga and anime, in a rush and rush and that is causing the viewers to be left with a bittersweet taste because the plot resolution that the characters are having is a bit strange. Not to mention how little importance is really being given to the fact that we already have in front of us the final showdown of class 1-A against All For One and the monstrosity attached to it.

Ms Class 1-A?

History seems to be at a similar point that Attack the titans and, the worst thing, is that in theory there is still a little more plot to cover, and that generates, as we said, somewhat hasty creative decisions that kill what has been built over these years. Let’s not forget that My Hero Academia has been with us since 2014which is not exactly little.

Because of this, many are asking the following question: should have My Hero Academia a sequel? All to resolve the points that are getting a bit disjointed and to be able to give the characters a better future than they will probably end up having with that final battle that will have a few deaths under its belt. It is quite unlikely that My Hero Academia is going to have a second part, because there are not exactly many animes that have official sequels beyond various spin-offs or adaptations to the world of cinema (which Boku no Hero has already had, on the other hand). The protagonists of the first part, those who are left standing, should have a time jump and from there start a new story to correct what has been done wrong in this final stretch.

For now, no plans have been confirmed to continue expanding the story and everything indicates that we will stay with that standard ending that can be seen coming. But who knows, things may change in the future…