My Hero Academia’s traitor reveals All For One’s true plan

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The following article contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 343. available for free through MangaPlus by Shueisha, where we learned about the plan that All For One was devising thanks to the UA traitor, Aoyama Yuga. If you are a fan of this work by Kohei Horikoshi, his reasons may not be as strange as they could be.

In My Hero Academia 3343 we saw the beginning of the great confrontation between the heroes and the villains, the beginning of the second great war. But, before seeing the expected fights of Dabi vs. Todoroki or Ochako Urarak vs. Himiko Toga, the series finally answered the question that has been on fans’ minds for a long time: “What is the true objective of All For One?”. From the beginning of the series it was speculated what the true objective of the leader of the villains was, if he was looking for chaos in society or simply to obtain more power with All Might’s One For All. He had always kept his cards hidden, preferring Shigaraki Tomura and his motivations to be the center of everything.But, thanks to the traitor of heroes, we know the truth.

Despite Aoyama Yuga being exposed as the traitor to class 1-A, and in his confession, he detailed the troubling series of events that led to his serving in the All For One network. Aoyama’s story sparked sympathy of his friends and the authorities present, finally, after a talk with Eraserhead, Aoyama regained his conviction and decided to fight alongside the heroes leading to acting as a double agent..

He was released as part of an elaborate plot by All Might and the police, in which they realized that their only hope of victory was to separate All For One from Shigaraki, and Aoyama was their best chance to accomplish that feat. Apparently in My Hero Academia 343, this traitor had summoned the head of the League of Villains to the top of a building to capture Deku and, shortly before his arrival, Aoyama told Deku about his former master’s ambition, and it’s really scary..

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All For One’s Plan in My Hero Academia 343

His whole plan started to take shape after the Paranormal Liberation War, when Japan was completely devastated and there seemed to be no signs of recovery. In addition to the widespread infrastructure destruction the villains caused during their rampage, All For One spearheaded an outbreak in the prison that released several more dangerous villains to destabilize the society of heroes that All Might had seen his image grow upon.

Of course, this insecurity could not remain confined to Japan for long, it was growing around the world. Villains across the Earth were emboldened by Japan’s plight, and All For One fanned the flames of unrest through their network of contacts. Because of this, weaker nations would be forced to adopt a state of emergency similar to the one Japan is currently operating in My Hero Academia 343. All For One was counting on this phenomenon reaching a global scale, and when enough nations were similarly paralyzed, it would finally make its final move..

my hero academia 343 all for one

These failed states would culminate in a collapse in the distribution of life-saving resources, as well as a weakening of basic services such as electricity, water, and housing. Once they got to this point, All For One intended to position themselves as a savior to these countries.thanks to quirks that he had gathered over the years, he could provide these essentials for all the people in need quite easily, but it wouldn’t be as a gesture of goodwill. It would only help countries that agreed to surrender their sovereignty. Since Japan, a stronghold of hero society was only steps away from succumbing to him, many countries would be pressured to agree to his terms. If all goes according to his plan in My Hero Academia 343, All For One would finally achieve his goal, his lifelong ambition to have the entire world in the palm of his hand.

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