Netflix: These series arriving on the platform this fall and that should not be missed!

Quickly discover the 16 Netflix series that are coming soon to all your screens and that you absolutely must not miss!

If you can’t wait to see what’s in store for your favorite characters in future episodes. Netflix has just announced all the series that will be back on the platform soon. So, go below to find out more.

You season 3, one of the Netflix series coming soon

Your favorite psychopath, Joe Goldberg, will be back soon in You, one of the returning Netflix series. If at the end of season 2, he formed an ideal couple with Love, things are likely to take a turn for the worse in this new season. The latter will return to his old demons and will feed an unhealthy obsession for his neighbor. He will even have a new enemy this season.


The very last season of the Ozark series will soon be streaming on Netflix. This final season should lift the mystery on all the strange phenomena of the series. However, you will still have to wait a little bit before finding out more.

Stranger Things season 4, one of the most anticipated Netflix series

You will finally soon be able to discover the fourth season of the Stranger Things series. This season is eagerly awaited by fans of the show. It has indeed taken a lot of delay because of the health crisis but should soon be broadcast on the streaming platform. Very soon, you’ll find out more about what happened to Hopper at the end of Season 3.

The 16 Netflix series coming soon


Before the start of 2022, you should be able to watch the very last season of the Lucifer series. This season will mark the final denouement of the extraordinary love story between Lucifer, the devil himself, and the pretty Chloe Decker.

One of the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia is coming back soon

Ginny and Georgia, mother and daughter, will be back soon in a second season of the series. The show had succeeded in seducing many spectators. In this second season, Georgia is expected to take responsibility and face the mistakes of her past. She should also try to reconcile with her children, Austin and Ginny.

Alice in Borderland

This Asian series will indeed be back for a second season in a few months on Netflix. This new season should allow us to learn more about the macabre game in which the characters of the show are stuck.

One of Netflix’s The Bridgertons Chronicle is coming soon

Adapted from the novels of Julia Quinn, this series has been a real success on the platform. It will therefore be back for a season 2. This new season will be, this time, centered on the character of Anthony, the big brother of Daphne. He will also want to get married. To be patient, watch the editing errors of season 1.

Umbrella Academy

Season 3 of Umbrella Academy will also return to the streaming platform soon. You can rejoice since you only have a short time to wait before finding all your superheroes.

The Crown, one of the most royal Netflix series

Season 5 of The Crown series will arrive in a few months on the Netflix platform. This new season should follow events much closer to us.

Heart plan

This romantic French series will soon return to Netflix for a final season. On the program, love, emotion but also dramas. Get ready for a new season full of twists and turns.

On my block, one of the returning Netflix series

The Netflix series On my block will return for a final season in just a few months. Both funny and moving, this series has many fans around the world.

Family business

This quirky French show will be entitled to a whole new and unprecedented season. Stay tuned for the exact release date for the upcoming series.

The last Kingdom

This series will return soon for a new season 5. Both violent and full of suspense, this new season should appeal to fans of the show.

Cobra Kai

Karate fans will be thrilled as the series returns soon for a brand new season. On the program, action and breathtaking stunts.

La série Netflix Love, Death & Robots

This extraordinary Netflix series will be entitled to a new unprecedented season. Once again, the episodes will be independent of each other.

Queer eye

Queer Eye will return for a brand new season 6. This cheerful reality TV show will still change the lives of many people.