New York cosplay will hypnotize you how Camie Utsushimi from My Hero Academia

We know that the section cosplay has become one of your favoritesand already knowing about some of its many exponents, that fills us with pride, because it is part of our objective and now that you know a little more about some of the most popular representatives of the movement, we must tell you, that in the same way, there is still a long way to go, because the list of cosplayerskeep growing.

It may be hard to believe, but as much as they all look like professionals showing us their great creations, the vast majority of them start with few likes on their posts or doing work perhaps of not as good quality as when they manage to be recognized and their numbers of followers number in the thousands or even millions.

Well, but that is not the case of whom we are about to talk about, since it is a girl who is quite well known in the environment, and despite that, it is likely that you still do not have the pleasure of meeting her, but don’t worry, as already You know, that’s our job, to let you know as many as possible.

Is named elizabeth oldakalthough it is better known as elizabeth rageand she is a girl who already has a good time in the cosplay industry, she has stores where a large number of her creations are sold, so as you can imagine she has several works done on her social networks, and that through his official instagram @elizabethragewhere it has more than 384 thousand followersnot to mention the many fan accounts that the cosplay model has, and in which the fantasies of returning her favorite characters to flesh and blood come true.

The popular girl, lets us see on this occasion her best version of Camie Utsushimia very curious and active girl no matter where she is, with whom her bubbly personality does not go with anyone, because in addition to being flirtatious she has to speak using very modern terms that make understanding her very complicated, but even so, We must admit that all this only makes her a very fun girl to share classes with.

Elizabethsporting the emblematic tight black suit, which hugs her curves, straight ash blonde hair to her shoulders, the black cap with a red ribbon and the shield, as well as a thick necklace in the form of a belt and With studs, white knee-high boots and thin heels, as well as makeup that highlights her beautiful brown eyes, the girl manages to show the best side of Camie.

We definitely doubt that this will be the last time you see this beautiful girl’s incredible work here, we hope you liked it, and please, continue on eGamesNews.