NZXT launches a box decorated with All Might from My Hero Academia

NZXT has just released its first anime-inspired PC box. This is the CRFT 10 H510i All Might model box, dedicated to the hero All Might from My Hero Academia. With the H510i All Might, NZXT hopes to enable My Hero Academia fans to create PCs that live up to the character’s power.

The CRFT 10 All Might is a custom build of the H510i featuring exclusive artwork, a custom PLUS ULTRA NZXT disc, and an All Might hanger. Box contains illustrations from the series both inside and outside the chassisa pre-installed RGB LED strip and supports vertically mounted graphics cards right out of the box, though a PCIe riser cable is required for this.

A box for fans of My Hero Academia

The CRFT 10 All Might is probably the first of many anime-inspired PC cases from NZXT. More may follow, and since this is My Hero Academia, Shueisha series such as One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dr. Stone, Naruto, or Dragon Ball may follow.

The specifications of the NZXT CRFT 10 All Might case are virtually identical to a standard NZXT H510i chassis. What sets it apart are the custom artwork, NZXT puck and All Might hanger.

NZXT launches a box decorated with All Might from My.webp

Features of the CRFT 10 H510i All Might

  • Custom H510i chassis, based on the All Might.
  • A Plus Ultra disc and an All Might charm adorn the box.
  • Illustrations on the inside and outside of the box show All Might in all his forms.

H510i Features

  • Pre-installed, customizable RGB LED strip controls your case lighting to complement All Might, your peripherals, and your gaming space.
  • Built-in GPU mounting bracket. The GPU can be positioned vertically or horizontally with the built-in mounting bracket.
  • RGB and fan controller included. Two NZXT RGB lighting channels and three fan channels supporting voltage regulated or PWM fans can be controlled via the NZXT camera.

The NZXT CRFT 10 H510i All Might Snare is available from today in the US and UK. For now it is not known if it will be available in Spain without having to import it.

Source: overclock3d