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This selection has been updated on 12/16 with our favorite superhero series in December 2021.

Looking for the best of superhero series on the major subscription streaming platforms (SVoD)? We have put together a selection of the best programs showing on Netflix, OCS, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or even Anime Digital Network.

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Before Marvel and its MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), superheroism existed, but mainly in the cinema (the saga Superman, the X-Men, the Batman the Tim Burton…).

The arrival of the MCU, combined with the growth and the growing importance of the small screen, in particular with the development of streaming, allowed the super-heroic register to take a preponderant place in the world of entertainment.

Invincible, Watchmen, WandaVision, Where My Hero Academia… the favorite superheroic content of the editorial staff of CNET France remains (almost) the same in December 2021.

What are the best superhero series to watch streaming? (December 2021)

A trashy and irreverent series on Prime Video: Invincible


The weight of the family inheritance is not easy to bear. Mark Grayson knows all about it. His father is none other than Omni-man, the most powerful superhero on the planet. Straight from distant Viltrum, he claims to be the protector of humanity, an overpowered being supposed to prevent misfortune from falling on Earth.

The day his powers finally appear, Mark decides to do everything to follow in his father’s footsteps. But being a hero isn’t everyday easy, and his abilities are harder to grasp than it looks. To make matters worse, Omni-man hides a heavy secret. Her son doesn’t know it yet, but learning the truth could turn her life upside down.

CNET France’s opinion

At the beginning, Invincible looks like a classic superheroic animated program, like Marvel and DC Comics can produce in spades. Admittedly, the series is an initiatory tale, a story which tells the quest for identity of Mark Grayson and his learning of the life of superhero. But it also takes a real step aside vis-à-vis the canons of the genre.

But if there are good feelings in Invincible, there is also a lot of violence and “raw” scenes. Violent and gory at will, the series is intended for an informed public who is not afraid of seeing waves of hemoglobin. The animation makes it less “shocking”, but still: the bloody scenes ofInvincible will not appeal to everyone.

For our part, we appreciated this bias which helps the series to stand out and gives it its identity. Invincible has an irreverent side and a desire to desecrate the superheroic figure. Gone are the completely immaculate “white knights”. Here, some characters play a double game and use their powers to do evil.

Thanks to its fine, fun and refreshing writing, Invincible manages to offer a little novelty in the genre, and confirms its status as a nice surprise. We can’t wait to see if that promise carries over into the next two seasons, which are currently in production.

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A good Marvel series on Disney +: WandaVision


Far from their tumultuous superhero past, Wanda Maximoff and Vision seem to be having happy days. But behind this banal and tidy life, appearances could well be deceptive. What if they were forced to return to service?

CNET France’s opinion

As much in form as in substance, WandaVision is a surprising series. Far from other productions of Marvel studios, it denotes in this universe of films and series of superheroes. It takes first by surprise, by catapulting a tandem of heroes in the middle of the 1950s, and by opting for an atypical comic tone.

But after this initial assumption, the series reveals its true nature, and embraces its ambitions of adventure show shrouded in mystery, mixing psychological intrigue and intense moments of action.

If the series makes such a good impression, it is also thanks to its quality cast and its gallery of characters, each more fascinating than the last. In WandaVision, everyone is hiding something, playing a double game, and this growing sense of unease keeps us going until the end.

Resolutely original in both substance and form, WandaVision is a side step, a daring attempt to come up with something else, and in the end a captivating and refreshing series that will surprise you. If you want to know more, you can also read our more detailed review of the first episodes.

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A remarkable series on OCS: Watchmen


In Tulsa, the 7th of Kavalerie, a group of white supremacists heir to the KKK, and who claims to be the libertarian vigilante Rorschach, leads the hard life to the police. They do not hesitate to attack and murder the police and their families.

Since a dark night of massacres, law enforcement officials have been operating with masks over their heads to remain anonymous. They are supported in their battles by masked vigilantes, now employed by the State.

Nevertheless, the 7th of Kavalerie is still active, and, through them, other people who would like to arrogate to themselves the powers of Dr. Manhattan, a man who has become all-knowing and all-powerful, even though he has since disappeared from circulation. many years.

CNET France’s opinion

The series takes place several years after the events of the original Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons comics, which are also highly recommended to read.

Don’t worry though, you may be able to watch the series without having read the comic. The experience may be less successful, however, since you will miss a lot of the context.

Series Watchmen combines past and present, quite simply because it is the first that dictates the second, with characters blocked by an unspoken past. They operate in a far from ideal world, where the United States has imposed its undivided model.

In this conservative, secure America, the masked vigilantes (Sister Night, Looking Glass, Red Scare) are there to enforce order in the face of threats from the 7th Kavalerie, the embodiment of American tea partyism.

The main characters are constantly haunted by the past: the mysterious genealogy of Angela Abar, the cloudy ideals of Chief Crawford, the shenanigans of Adrian Veidt (aka Ozymandias, who had vainly tried to take control of the world) or the secrets of the Dr Manhattan are ubiquitous.

The series is very cynical, it leaves a lot of confusion and many questions at the end of its viewing. Watchmen thus plays a lot on the implicit, and it is a series of few words which do not spare the viewer. It is nonetheless brilliant and you would be wrong to miss it.

  • Here is the trailer for the series:

A very good anime on DNA: My Hero Academia


The world we know has changed a lot. Today, the majority of the population has superpowers called “alters”. Superheroes are part of the landscape, there are hundreds of them, scouring cities to fight crime.

Young Izuku Midoriya is an absolute fan of these good fighters. His dream ? Become one of them by integrating the “super-heroic” stream of the prestigious Huei high school. Problem, where these comrades develop more or less powerful skills, he still has no power …

His meeting with his idol All Might, the number 1 superhero, will change his life. By transmitting his power to him, he gives him an unexpected chance: the opportunity to become the most powerful defender of the innocent, following in the footsteps of his idol.

CNET France’s opinion

Hard to find better recent superhero anime than My Hero Academia. In a few years, and even if the competition does not demerit, it has managed to establish itself as an essential reference of the genre.

The first strength of this shônen? The ability to appeal to all audiences. It is far from being the most subversive of anime, quite the contrary. And yet, children and adults alike will take pleasure in watching it. After a bit of a long start, the plot quickly grows in power and the development of the various characters, both nice and naughty, is interesting.

Even if he does not escape the classic clichés of Japanese heroes (fragility, extreme kindness, keen sense of honor, awkwardness with girls…), the young Izuku nonetheless remains a very endearing main protagonist. He is not alone since My Hero Academia also takes the time to take an interest in other members of his class at Huei High School.

His comrades, notably Bakugo, Todoroki and Uraraka, are also very interesting. We discover them all gradually at the bend of the successive narrative arcs. The fights are also increasing in power and becoming more and more spectacular.

If the scenario does not always surprise, it holds the road very well. Add to that antagonists that don’t lack for charisma and an excellent soundtrack, you have an anime to be discovered without hesitation.

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