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With the sixth season of My Hero Academia planned for the fall season of 2022, it is getting closer to seeing Midroriya and company once again. However, a select group of viewers in Japan have already had the opportunity to see the first chapter of this new adventure and, to the surprise of many, one of the biggest complaints with the anime has been fixed.

What complaint is it? As you may remember, the last few seasons of My Hero Academia they have not started with the action that many expect, but with a recapitulation of all the previous events. Thus, It has been reported that the sixth season does not have a chapter of this nature. Instead, the main conflict takes center stage.


While recaps are a good way to remember previous events, especially considering that it’s been over a year since the heroes of this world last stole our attention, these chapters have become quite tediousas they don’t add much to the plot, and many fans simply choose to skip these episodes altogether.

Although this is good news, the possibility that in the future we will see a recapitulation is not ruled out. The sixth season of My Hero Academia It will start next October. On related topics, This is how the fans reacted to the first chapter of the sixth season of My Hero Academia. Similarly, an important manga character would have died.


Editor’s note:

After a disappointing fifth season, the sixth season of My Hero Academia has the potential to become one of the best adaptations this season. Although competitors like Mob Psycho Y chainsaw man attract more attention, fans will surely be happy with the events that we will see.

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