One Piece and My Hero Academia take a short break | EarthGamer

Two of the most popular series of the moment, one piece Y My Hero AcademiaThey are in full swing. Each episode of his anime brings bigger reveals, or bigger battles than the previous one.

But this doesn’t just apply to the animation side, but also to your printed originals. The fact is that this Monday some fans were surprised that there were no new chapters of the manga of each of these franchises.

One Piece and My Hero Academia pause

The reason is simple: they were not published. It seems that on the occasion of a holiday it was decided that these works take a break, but this will not take long. In the case of one piece, the manga will return on January 19. That is, on Sunday of this week.

The event responsible for this delay is the seijin no hieither adult day. It is a festival that began to be celebrated from 1948, and before it was commemorated every January 15.

It is now held on the second Monday in January. It is supposed to bring together young people who turn 20 between April 2 of the previous year and April 1 of the same month of the current one.

It is like a kind of rite for adult life, since the mayor of each town tells them about the responsibilities they will have when they mature. It should be noted that this is not the first time that this holiday has modified the magazine’s publication plans.

It will not be the only time this year that there is a break

In the past the Weekly Shōnen Jump has had to modify its release. Taking into account that it is focused on a young audience, it is understandable that it proceeds in this way.

While many people may read as much one piece What My Hero Academia in digital form, the delay also applies to this version. That is something that could be said to be inevitable, so it only remains to resign yourself.

This won’t be the only hiatus both series will take this year. It is to be imagined that in the Golden Weekwhich starts on April 29 (greenery day) and ends on May 5 (Children’s Day) let’s see another delay in the publication of the Shōnen Jump.

And consequently, of My Hero Academia Y one piece. When it comes to parties it is understandable that even mangaka and publishers decide to take a well-deserved break.