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We continue with the illustrations that commemorate the arrival of 2022 with the authors of One Punch-Man y My Hero Academia, two stories that approach superheroes in different approaches and that now put aside their daily duties to join in the celebration of a new year.

From their respective official Twitter accounts, both the illustrator of One Punch-Man (Yusuke Murata) as the author of Boku no Hero (Kohei Horikoshi) made an illustration with their characters. Remember that this 2022 is the “year of the Tiger” So they both drew their characters inspired by the Chinese Zodiac animal.

This is how we first get to the illustration of Yusuke Murata: a funny postcard of its protagonists Saitama and Genos dressed from head to toe like a pair of super powerful tigers (Will they be using a kigurumi?). Genos’ expressionlessness makes his character look more adorable than usual, while Saitama shows that genuine expression of emotion what do you look for during fights

One Punch-Tigers | Foto: Yusuke Murata

For his part, Kohei Horikoshi took some of his most beloved professional heroes from his universe and made their clothes with motifs of the feline that celebrates the Chinese New Year. Thus we come to this beautiful postcard with Tetsu Tetsu, Red Riot, Fat Gum and Sun Eater dressed in a garment that resembles the stripes of a tiger.

We haven’t seen Sun Eater in a long timeSo fans of this pro hero are sure to be pleased that the MHA author hasn’t forgotten about this character.

Heroes with the energy of a tiger | Photo: Kohei Horikoshi

What did you think of these illustrations of One Punch-Man y My Hero Academia celebrating the New Year 2022?


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