Pinocchio-based game looks like sequel to Bloodborne

It’s been several years since the game was released Bloodborne, and since then, fans of the video game have asked for a sequel, however, although it has not arrived, the game Lies of P, based on Pinocchio, it will be available very soon.

And it is that in the generation of Playstation 4 Bloodborne reigned in its way of being a fighting game in the style of the Souls saga.

The new game we are talking about will be available for the PlayStation console, which by the way, confirmed the launch of Among Us on its platform.

What is the game based on Pinocchio about?

The game is based on Pincoho

The name of the game is Lies of P, which takes place in a world inspired by the classic novel published in 1883.

The world has a Victorian look, reminiscent of several of the video game experts in the setup of Bloodborne.

In the game trailer we can see a gloomy and somewhat gloomy atmosphere, the 3D animation, and the special effects, cause a lot of expectations in the internauts.

Who developed the game?

The game will arrive in 2023

The console that, by the way, created State of Play, which already has a date and time for transmission, will receive Lies of P in 2021, a game that is developed by South Korean studios Round 8, and will be published by Neowiz.

The trailer lets us see a first look at the fighting in the game, seeing a Pinocchio with huge weapons, and a metal arm.

In addition, some scenarios can be appreciated, mostly at night, or with rain, so the story within the game will surely give us many surprises.

The video game will also be available for Xbox Series, y PC. The truth is that, although there are a few years to go before its premiere, this game based on Pinocchio is already a reality, while we continue to wait for the arrival of Bloodborne 2.

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