Plus-Ultra! My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble is shown for the first time in these 30 minutes of gameplay

fans of All Might they won’t have to wait for the new course to start at UA High School (or Yuei) to be amazed by the new adventures of Midoriya and company: My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, the announced Battle Royale inspired by the successful manganime of Kohei Horikoshi, has been shown in motion and is as crazy and chaotic as the animated series itself.

The essentials: the new game based on My Hero Academia will be released on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, betting on a format of Battle Royale cooperative in which eight teams of three characters (24 in total per game) must test their will, their unique gifts and their capacity for destruction until they are the last survivors standing in a highly destructible game environment.

Logically, the charisma and unusual skills of the anime’s protagonists is the great hook of this unique Battle Royale made-to-measure: the sharp-cut visual style Made in Japan its combat system is very much in line with the arena fighters from Shonen Jump promise to delight fans of Horikoshi’s superheroes.

And, for sample, and as a preview, Bandai Namco itself has already offered 30 minutazos de gameplay in which the protagonists reduce to rubble several iconic scenes of the television series.

Of course, this generous advance serves to confirm the aesthetics of the game, the first batch of characters that can be used in it and the rhythm of the games, which – everything is said – is much more in line with the series My Hero One’s Justice (based on the same anime) as with Fortnite. And that’s not the only difference between the Battle Royale Bandai Namco and Epic.

My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, a free and explosive Battle Royale

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The playable basis of My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble is more or less that of any Battle Royale. The game play, however, is quite unique, and far from offering players the same conditions when entering the game, what makes it interesting is that it encourages all players to get the most out of the game. the unique advantages that your characters. Like in the anime,

in the world of My Hero Academia About 80% of the world’s population is born with superpowers. Some are more practical than others, of course, but only those who manage to graduate from academies like UA High School can become professional Super Heroes. And they do not lack work: the existence of these gifts has also triggered crime in the streets.

In My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble we will have at our disposal a colorful selection of superhero students, teachers and even super villains. All of them with very special and unique abilities. Now, as it happens in the manga, just working as a team they are able to have a chance to win.

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In addition to the notable skill differences between the characters, Bandai Namco’s game includes some very interesting quirks: There are level ups, special items, a system of improvements on the fly and dynamic ways to interact with our companions in addition, of course, to the spectacular super special moves that cannot be missing in any Shonen Jump anime.

And the thing does not end there, since scenarios have their own purpose. In addition to recreating iconic locations, they are highly destructible and even promote secondary activities such as the rescue of collateral victims.

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The game will bet on the model Free-to-play, opening the door to the entry of paid content and with the promise of incorporating future manga and anime characters. Now for now there is no release date, although next February a beta phase will begin that, for now, has been confirmed for Japan and on PS4. In VidaExtra we will update the text about holding a testing phase in the west.

My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble It will not be Bandai Namco’s only great free and multiplatform project for this year based on the successes of anime: it is expected that it will arrive throughout 2022 Dragon Ball: The Breakers, an asymmetric multiplayer that seeks to give a new outlet to the work of Akira Toriyama in video games. In any case, those who are passionate about manganime They’re going to have a lot to play together this year.