Pokémon: The Series as You Know It is Over

news culture Pokémon: The Series as You Know It is Over

After 25 years of good and loyal service, Sacha and Pikachu give up their arms. They will no longer be the main adventurers of the Pokémon television series, starting next January.


  • “The Final Chapter of Ash and Pikachu’s Adventures”
  • A long but successful adventure

“The Final Chapter of Ash and Pikachu’s Adventures”

The news of Japanese animated series is busier than ever thanks to the announcements made during Jump Festa, an event organized by Shueisha. It is the publishing house behind the pre-publication of many manga chapters, such as One Piece, dragonballor My Hero Academia. The appointment gave plenty of information about new upcoming TV adaptations, while others ended recently. This is the case of Mob Psycho 100, but also Pokémon. Well, not quite for the latter since it’s only a 25 year story arc ending : After ten special episodes that will conclude their journey, Ash and Pikachu will no longer be the protagonists of Pokémon. The Pokémon Company announced it publicly:

After the historic victory that crowned Ash as the world’s best Pokémon Trainer, marking the culmination of 25 seasons of adventures, fans can celebrate his entire journey with a collection of special episodes that will conclude the series: Pokémon, the journeys ultimate. We’ll find fan-favorite Pokémon and characters, including Misty and Peter, in these episodes, and they’ll give a glimpse of what the future holds for the world’s best Trainer in this final chapter of Ash and Pikachu’s adventures. – The Pokemon Company

Without revealing a date for the new heroes of the animated series, we already know that they will be Liko and Roy (whose names may change for the French version) who will embody the future of Pokémon. Their adventures will take place in Paldea, the region chosen by Nintendo and Pokémon to set the stage for the ninth generation of Pokémon with Scarlet and Violet. The video game was released on November 18 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

A long but successful adventure

It is therefore a big page that turns for fans of Pokémon and its television series. Ash (Ash in the other versions) was the first main character of the adaptation and reigned as such for many long years. He is often compared to Red in the Gold / Silver versions (even if the latter is much less talkative and playful) and will undoubtedly have thrilled many generations of players: since his departure from Bourg-Palette, he has done everything to become the best pokemon trainer in the world. Something that took him some time, but which he finally managed to achieve: after his first League Master title at Aloha in 2019, he literally became the best in the world not long ago. In any case, it is also a work that stops for the character’s dubbers:

It is an extraordinary privilege to have been the English voice of Ash Ketchum for what will soon be 17 years. Whatever lies beyond its final chapter, it will live forever in the hearts of many generations to come. I will make sure he is there for all of us, in any way I can. ❤️

Regarding the French voice, it was the Belgian Aurélien Ringelheim who lent his vocal cords to the hero of Bourg-Palette. As with everything, the end of something marks the beginning of another and perhaps the new Pokémon adventure (whose first trailer is to be viewed at the top of this article) will manage to thrill spectators as much as the public. did Ash and Pikachu. In any case, we hope so.