Primeros pasos en My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

This video game was launched at the end of 2020 And since then it has given much to talk about, since it has been created taking the anime that bears the same name as a source of inspiration.

My Hero Academy: The Strongest Hero is characterized by being open-world, packed with lots of action and adventure where each player and team can face the classic villains of the famous manga, such as Nomu and Shigaraki.

Also, this game is compatible for both Android and iOS mobiles and it can also be installed on a computer or PC by means of emulators.

The truth is that his great recognition has allowed this title to spread to many countries; gaining more and more popularity and growing the community of this wonderful world.

So here we will teach you the first steps to start your adventures. If you want to know a little more about the previous topics that we have developed, you can take a look at our complete guide to MHA: The Strongest Hero where you will find everything you need.

What is My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero?

The first thing you should know about this great video game is that the events that take place are as they happen in the anime that has been televised for a long time so that his fans already have a taste of the adventure.

Here you can create your own team of heroes and then send them to the city of villains to fight and defend it. Too you can participate in missions and choose the game modes you want to play, either individually or as teams, i.e. Co-Op.

So in My Hero Academia: TSH you can collect heroes through random summons and these in turn will be divided according to their rarity; which implies the following starting rarities: B, A, and S. You can improve this quality of your heroes in order to make them stronger and stronger, for this you will need fragments and necessary resources.

So, are you ready to enjoy their PvP and PvE activities? Download My Hero Academia: TSH now to start the adventure, if you don’t know how to do it, visit our installation guide where we explain step by step how to do it.

My Hero Academia Main Coins: TSH

My Hero Academia the Strongest Hero mobile game

In this video game you will meet 3 main types of currencies or monetary resources, which are necessary for the improvement of your heroes and others. Among them we highlight the following:

  • Credits: This is the main currency and is easily obtained in large quantities while playing My Hero Academia: TSH. Its usefulness lies in the improvement of the clothes, attacks and abilities of the heroes. As well as it is a necessary resource to increase its rarities, level up and acquire new objects in the market. Due to its great utility, it is essential to have this currency during adventures, especially when you reach advanced levels. That is why we recommend managing it properly.

  • Hero coins: This is the Premium currency and is used to summon, recharge stamina, buy different items from the store and contribute to the alliance. It is obtained free of charge as a daily reward after completing activities and missions, achievements, and also after beating game modes. It can also be purchased by recharge. This coin is essential so that you can recover some additional energy.

  • Stamina: This resource is used so that you can access almost all the PvE-type game modes and its regeneration is quite low, so it is recommended to use the Hero Coins so that you acquire stamina packs and thus you can speed up the progress of the adventure.

Game modes: PvE and PvP

As we have already mentioned, in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero you can select two game modes, PvE and PvP.

PvP mode involves Real Time PvP and the Super Co-Op ArenaThese modes are located in the VS tab located in the game menu, here players can join games with combat using their characters, this will happen in real time so that they can face the teams formed by other players.

So that each member will be able to select the formation of 3 heroes, which will go to fight in the 1v1 rounds and these can be alternated during the battle by clicking on their avatars.

In the case of the Arena, has 3 modes: Training, Ranked and Matches, where Training allows players to practice with their respective heroes to face enemies; the Matches mode, allows you to enjoy normal and real games against other players and, finally, the Ranked mode that is exactly the same as Matches except that the players gain positions in the leadership list while they triumph in the games and , of course earn points.

On the other hand we have la Super Co-Op Arena, un modo AFK where the heroes will automatically fight against the other contending teams.

With respect to PvE modes, are those that allow the player to enter a world and complete it individually or as a team. In these modes, you generally need Stamina to play them.

Within these modes we find ourselves también con Hero Trials, Peacekeeping, Supply, Handbook y Operation X, where each player is free to participate on a daily basis in order to obtain different prizes when they are completed.

In addition to this, there are other alternative modes that involve those that are available for a limited period of time, such as Boss Raid, Virtual Battlegrounds and Mock Contest, and other cooperative modes such as Emergency, Joint Operation and Angency Assessment.

Trainee Benefits: Initial event for beginners

Immerse yourself in the infinite world of My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero
Immerse yourself in the infinite world of My Hero Academia The Strongest Hero

This is the main event for those who have just joined the world of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, and is known as Trainee Benefits. Said event allows newbies to be successful in their first activities.

Trainee Benefits has been organized in several days, although here we will cover the first 2 to give you an idea. In addition, each day is divided into two blocks; one for gameplay and one for growth. Once the tasks have been completed, you will receive rewards for each completed task and thus you will be able to accumulate points from 100, 300, 500 to 700.

These points will allow you to collect boxes with prizes and hero fragments. But, for this to be possible you must fulfill the following tasks:

The first day

To block Playability: To reach this achievement, you must complete and chapters 1 to 3 and 3 to 4. To do this you must go to the campaign, fight 10 times in the Super Tournament, recruit heroes 10 times and participate in supply battles 2 times.

To block Increase: This is responsible for boosting the 3 chosen heroes to level 40, as well as increasing the support team 30 times and boosting the talents of said heroes to level 40. In addition, you will be able to resonate 20 times and equip yourself with about 6 support elements.

The second day:

To block Playability: here you must complete the Agency Certification, reach the level of Awakened in the Super Tournament, collect about 15 stars within the heroic rating, recruit heroes 20 times and complete chapter 4-5 of the campaign.

To block Increase: For this day, the ideal would be that you level 3 characters up to level 50, you also have to reach level 5 of urban prosperity. And this is not all, since you must use and equip your units with 3 epic support items and add 2 4-star support cards to them.

▪ Release date: 06/01/2021